Columbus State Community College Rolling Out Apple Swift Course

Columbus State

You’ve heard the phrase – “there’s an app for that.”  You may have even wondered how you to get into developing “an app for that” yourself, but didn’t have a clue on how to get started.  If you live in the Columbus, OH area, you may have a chance to get to do that soon.  Read on for more…

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5 iPhone Photography Tips for Better Pictures

If you have an iPhone, particularly an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, you probably already know how to take a picture with the camera.  You probably also know that it takes great pictures.  But, do you know really know how to take a great picture with your iPhone?  As an iPhone owner myself, I love the convenience of being able to take a picture at a moment’s notice, especially with a little one.  Also with Mother’s Day coming up as well as other holidays, users might be interested in taking some of the best photos with family members.


However, even though we may know most of the features of the camera, it can’t hurt to still have a bit of a refresher.  Apple unveiled a new site today, as well as series of videos to its YouTube channel, entitled “How to Shoot on iPhone 7.”  Currently there are five videos on YouTube, all designed to show users the best methods for capturing photos like panoramas, portraits, action shorts and more.

See below the jump for more on each video.

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New Apple Park Drone Footage – The Spaceship is Almost Ready

Apple Park Spaceship
It’s almost time.

By now, we all know that Apple’s “feat of engineering” new campus, dubbed Apple Park, resembles a spaceship, and what better way to keep track of its progress than with drone footage?  MacRumors reports that drone videographer, Matthew Roberts, has uploaded a new video to his YouTube channel yesterday, which has been covering the ongoing construction at the new campus in Cupertino.

Despite being close to completion, the building still isn’t quite ready yet to open its doors to the company’s employees.  However, construction has picked up rapidly in recent weeks, and the latest footage shows solar panel installation on the roof nearly complete, with large amounts of construction still going on in the main courtyard due to the large pond and neighboring fauna still being added.

See the new video after the jump:

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Imagining The New Modular Mac Pro Design


The previous Mac Pro lineup
One was modular, the other, not so much.

In what turned out to be a bit of a surprise in the tech world, Apple announced plans that it would be working on an updated Mac Pro, that would contain a modular design for users wishing to perform regular component upgrades.

Whilst development of the new Mac Pro has only just started, which of course means that release is probably still a year or more away yet, designers are already starting to dream up concepts of what the new machine might look like, such as today’s offering from CURVED/labs.  The design includes a Mac-mini style box along with the familiar Apple branded display.  Check out their video below the fold.

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Starbucks Gift Card Deal for iPhone Users

Starbucks Gift Card can be used for their frappucinos that are pictured.

Starbucks gift card fans will appreciate this deal.  Since Apple revamped its iMessage system with the latest iOS update last year, companies and app developers have been finding ways to make use of the service.  With the Starbucks app, you can receive a $5 Starbucks eGift Card via iMessage when you send a $5 Starbucks eGift Card in conjunction with the Starbucks app and Apple Pay.

See below for terms:


  • Starbucks will give away up to 45,000 Promotional Gifts to eligible customers between 4/10/17 and 4/23/17. To receive a Promotional Gift, you must purchase a $5 or more Starbucks eGift Card using the Starbucks App and meet the other eligibility requirements below.
  • Promotion Period: The Promotion Period runs from 6:00 AM PST on 4/10/17 and ends the earlier of (a) when all 45,000 Promotional Gifts are distributed or (b) at 11:59 PM PST on 4/23/17.
  • Eligibility: This offer is open to legal residents of the 50 United States and D.C. who have an Apple Pay account, have downloaded the Starbucks App with an iPhone 5S or above and are iOS 10.2.1 and above users.

Visual directions can be found at Starbucks’ official promotion site.

In Ongoing Legal Battle, Qualcomm Hits Back at Apple With Countersuit

Qualcomm logo on building facade

Apple stock is only down a point or so in early morning trading as a fight between chip maker Qualcomm and the tech giant has been heating up lately, with the former filing its own countersuit against Apple.  In the suit, Qualcomm is stating that Apple covered up how iPhone 7s that had Qualcomm chips in it, outperformed those that contained Intel chips.

Per Investor’s Business Daily, Apple “acted to prevent Qualcomm from revealing to consumers the extent to which iPhones with Qualcomm’s chip sets outperformed iPhone’s with Intel’s chip sets,” said Qualcomm in the countersuit that was was filed later in the day on Monday in the US District Court for the Southern District of California.

Allegations from Qualcomm include that Apple lied to regulators to spur investigations of the chipmaker.  Back on January 20, Apple had started the legal battle against Qualcomm over its technology licensing practices.

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Live from New York…It’s Apple

The front face of the Apple Store in New York City
Apple is Giving SNL Viewers A Reason To Stay Up Late

In this day and age of DVRs and being able to skim through commercials at will, television programs have had to find ways to reinvent themselves and continue to look for means of revenue.  That being said, Apple has signed on with NBC, in a move that will see Saturday Night Live cast members create humorous ads that will air during what would usually be commercial breaks on the show, Variety is reporting.  While we do not know yet what kind of content the show will create for Apple, it will be featuring Apple products.

Verizon is also joining in on the fun, as SNL’s “Weekend Update” anchor Colin Jost will be writing a spot for the carrier that will be starring cast member, Kenan Thompson.  However Apple’s ad will differ in format from Verizon’s.

Saturday Night Live’s goal with the ads is to try and develop new content that will hopefully be more appealing to advertisers as well as giving viewers a reason to stay up and watch the show live, versus catching replays on apps and streaming services.

“Everyone is struggling now in a world where there is so much media,” SNL head Lorne Michaels shared. “We are all competing for sponsors, and everything is being reinvented. ‘SNL’ has been reinventing itself from season two.”

With the recent events within US politics, and SNL’s knack for political satire, the show has seen a surge of popularity this season.  However, NBC is at the same time trying to make the show more appealing to advertisers as SNL is subtly trying to work more advertising into its sketches.

“Comedy is a big force in the culture, and I don’t think there’s a lot of over thinking about doing commercials as there was in the late ’60s and early 70s,” says Michaels. “When I grew up, it was like Jack Benny for Jell-O or Bob Hope for Chrysler or Texaco Star Theatre.”

Verizon’s ad should air sometime this month with Apple’s slated to follow sometime next month.


Apple Planning Retail Store Revamp


According to company plans shared with MacRumors, Apple is planning to eliminate certain retail positions within its stores.  Come the end of April, positions that are slated to be on the chopping block include Business Manager, Business Events Lead, Events Coordinator and Events Lead.  Apple Store Leaders had started the process of informing affected employees about the change of plans earlier this week, and expectedly many were caught off guard by the sudden changes.

In particular, the cut to the Business Manager position came across as the largest shock, due to them being responsible for bringing in up to 20 percent of overall store sales by leading the Business Team.

“These managers have established relationships with various small and medium businesses in their markets.  Their position is highly specialized and often times not easily understood by retail leadership who do not have experience in B2B sales,” according to the source.

Affected employees have been told that they can either take a lower level (which of course can also mean lower paying) position, or take two months of severance pay.

Both managers and affected employees have already been notified about the change, with a larger scale announcement forthcoming that has been scheduled for April 23.  It is unknown if Apple may share further information in regard to its retail plans at that time.