New Study: Tablet Neck Syndrome More Likely For Women Than Men

tablet neck
Do you find yourself guilty of this posture?

We all love our devices, but frequently they can be the cause of much consternation for our necks, particularly what’s known as “tablet neck,” if we’re not using the right posture.  A new study finds that due to musculoskeletal symptoms, females may actually be at greater risk of developing neck problems from prolonged use.

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Under Armour Announces Data Breach of MyFitnessPal


Lorraine Mirabella, reporting for The Baltimore Sun:

About 150 million users of the MyFitnessPal fitness and nutrition app and website have been affected by a data security breach, the site’s owner, Baltimore-based Under Armour, said Thursday.

The company learned of the breach, which included usernames, email addresses and hashed passwords, four days ago, according to a person familiar with the matter.

The affected data did not include government-issued identifiers, such as Social Security numbers and driver’s license numbers, information that the app does not collect from users. The breach also did not affect payment card data, which is collected and processed separately.

The brand began notifying MyFitnessPal users Thursday afternoon, via email and through app messaging.

If anything, just another reminder to make sure you’re keeping up on updating your passwords every so often.

West MI Company Herman Miller Developing The ‘Smart Workplace’

herman miller
Stand up and stretch…

If you work at a desk job in a corporate environment, more than likely the exact chair you’re sitting in came from Herman Miller.  The West Michigan company, which is known mainly for its infamous Aeron chairs, unveiled a new product today named Live OS, with a goal of workplaces and employees being more efficient, energized, health, and happy.  Read on for more about the features.

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Snap Stock Whiffs on Q1 Earnings

Snap Stock misses
Investors had the same face.

It wasn’t a great day for Snap stock.  Perhaps due to the onslaught from the likes of Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat had its lowest pace of growth in years, as their parent company Snap Inc, missed Wall Street’s expectations for its Q1 earnings, its first as a public company.  The stock price was down 26.2% at the time of this post per Business Insider.

Snap had added 8 million new daily users in the first three months of the year.  This time last year, the company was growing its DAUs by 52%.  As mentioned above though, the slow growth is happening at a time when Instagram Stories outpaced Snapchat by hitting 200 million daily users.

The reasoning for Snap’s net loss of $2 billion during the quarter was due in part to stock-based compensation that was related to its February initial public offering.

Other Notes from Snap’s Q1 Earnings:

  • EPS (adjusted): Net loss of $0.20 vs. $0.16.
  • Revenue: $149.6 million vs. $159 million expected, up 286% from $39 million in the year-ago period.
  • Daily active users: 166 million, an increase of 36% from 122 million in the year-ago period.
  • Net loss: $2.2 billion.

Read more after the jump for highlights from the earnings call.

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Roku Premiere Plus Deal on Amazon

Roku Premiere Plus
If you need to upgrade your streaming options, now is a good time.

In addition to the fourth generation Apple TV, the Roku Premiere Plus really helps to complete all of our streaming needs.  While we were able to get ours for free via a special offer through Charter Spectrum, Amazon is currently offering the Roku Premiere Plus at a price of $79 shipped.  If you would prefer not to go the Amazon route though, the deal is also currently being matched for about $1 more at Best Buy and Target.

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In Ongoing Legal Battle, Qualcomm Hits Back at Apple With Countersuit

Qualcomm logo on building facade

Apple stock is only down a point or so in early morning trading as a fight between chip maker Qualcomm and the tech giant has been heating up lately, with the former filing its own countersuit against Apple.  In the suit, Qualcomm is stating that Apple covered up how iPhone 7s that had Qualcomm chips in it, outperformed those that contained Intel chips.

Per Investor’s Business Daily, Apple “acted to prevent Qualcomm from revealing to consumers the extent to which iPhones with Qualcomm’s chip sets outperformed iPhone’s with Intel’s chip sets,” said Qualcomm in the countersuit that was was filed later in the day on Monday in the US District Court for the Southern District of California.

Allegations from Qualcomm include that Apple lied to regulators to spur investigations of the chipmaker.  Back on January 20, Apple had started the legal battle against Qualcomm over its technology licensing practices.

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Search Giant Google Aims To Help Extinguish Fake News

A colorful logo of a Google Doodle while looking for the news

Our Facebook timelines and Twitter feeds sure have evolved over the last few years haven’t they?  They started as a means to see what is going on in our friends lives to maybe having a chance to get a re-tweet from a celebrity. News mediums have taken over, with many using their social media feeds to share and re-share news links.  However, given our heated political climate, how do we know what news may or may not be “fake news”?

There is no doubt that Google reigns supreme on the Internet when it comes to searching for information, aiming to help users obtain useful content that sites and publishers create.  But as Google came to realize, multitudes of new articles are published constantly every day, and that sheer amount of content could be overwhelming to most.  Therein lies the rub of also being able to help readers decide whether information could be factual, or sadly, false.

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Proposed Bill in Michigan Would Alert Cable Customers About End of Promo Rate

Cable Bill

Cable customers in Michigan may soon be able to get a leg up on knowing when their future cable bill might increase.  A bill has been introduced within the Michigan State House that would let customers know when their promotional rate is about to expire.  We frequently see those promotions about getting a great rate for 12 months, and then after that, it has been up to consumers to keep tabs on the expiration date.

According to, the legislation was introduced into the House by House Democratic Whip, Jeremy Moss, D-Southfield.  The bill also has twelve co-sponsors.

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