Apple Gets Siri-ous By Hiring Google’s AI Chief John Giannandrea


Apple has just hired John Giannandrea, one of Google’s top AI executives. Giannandrea,  was previously Google’s Head of AI and Search, The New York Times reports.  According to a statement from Apple, Giannandrea will lead Apple’s “machine learning and A.I. strategy,” leading many to believe that the company may finally be upping its efforts to improve on Siri.  He will be one of only 16 executives that report directly to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook.

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Google Shines Focus on Level Pay Equity Field

Leveling pay equity a picture of Google Headquarters
Credit: Digital Trends

There is no doubt that pay equity and the wage gap is a hot button issue not just for specific companies but across all industries.  Google commented further in their blog today about the importance to them that men and women who join Google in the same role are compensated on a level playing field, both when they start and during the duration of their careers with the company.

In 2016, the company wanted to highlight the conversation around the gender pay gap – along with how companies could fight it – by sharing their top-level analysis publicly.  Annually, Google conducts what they deem as rigorous analyses so that their pay practices can remain aligned with their commitment to pay equity.

However, the federal government had another observation.

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Search Giant Google Aims To Help Extinguish Fake News

A colorful logo of a Google Doodle while looking for the news

Our Facebook timelines and Twitter feeds sure have evolved over the last few years haven’t they?  They started as a means to see what is going on in our friends lives to maybe having a chance to get a re-tweet from a celebrity. News mediums have taken over, with many using their social media feeds to share and re-share news links.  However, given our heated political climate, how do we know what news may or may not be “fake news”?

There is no doubt that Google reigns supreme on the Internet when it comes to searching for information, aiming to help users obtain useful content that sites and publishers create.  But as Google came to realize, multitudes of new articles are published constantly every day, and that sheer amount of content could be overwhelming to most.  Therein lies the rub of also being able to help readers decide whether information could be factual, or sadly, false.

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