How To Check if Your Facebook Data Was Shared with Cambridge Analytica

Credit: NBC News

Ironically the same day Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is scheduled to give testimony before Congress, Facebook launched a new tool to help check if your data was shared with Cambridge Analytica.

According to MacRumors:

Facebook today launched a new section of its Help Center focusing on user data breaches following the Cambridge Analytica scandal that’s been ongoing for the past few weeks. The updated Help Center tool allows you to check to see if any of your Facebook data was shared with Cambridge Analytica (via Matt Navarra).

The tool specifically details whether or not you or any of your friends ever logged into “This Is Your Digital Life,” a quiz app that Cambridge Analytica used to steal information and tailor political messages towards Facebook users. If you or someone you know was affected by the app, Facebook details what information was shared with Cambridge Analytica, including topics like public profile, page likes, birthday, current city, and more.

It’s a lengthy read, but read more below for Zuckerberg’s full testimony, via CNBC.

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Facebook Looking to Hire for Role to Combat Fake News

A picture of a fake news newspaper
The problem is finding someone with the chops for it.

Earlier this month we wrote about how search engine giant Google was stepping up its efforts to help users discern fake news.  According to Recode, Facebook is wanting join in the effort by hiring for a position to head up its news products, with the goal of helping to defeat fake news on its service.

While Facebook is said to be speaking with experienced individuals in both the tech and media industries, multiple sources are reporting that the company is said to be having trouble finding someone with both the necessary applicable skills in news and technology.

Fidji Simo, who is Facebook’s VP in charge of news and video, would oversee the role.  However, the position is not currently listed on the company’s website.  Nonetheless, those sources are reporting that whomever is in the new position would assist Facebook in creating news products for media partners, such as Instant Articles, in addition to looking for ways to help prevent “fake” news from being spread.

As many know, since the US Presidential election, the sharing of misinformation has grown significantly, with some critics having blamed Facebook for the outcome of the election.

Facebook’s recent efforts for combating misinformation have included flagging inaccurate news stories as well as working with third-party fact checkers.