Apple Gets Siri-ous By Hiring Google’s AI Chief John Giannandrea


Apple has just hired John Giannandrea, one of Google’s top AI executives. Giannandrea,  was previously Google’s Head of AI and Search, The New York Times reports.  According to a statement from Apple, Giannandrea will lead Apple’s “machine learning and A.I. strategy,” leading many to believe that the company may finally be upping its efforts to improve on Siri.  He will be one of only 16 executives that report directly to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook.

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Is Amazon Actually Hurting Small Business? Perhaps Not.

Or is the real enemy stagnation?

There’s no denying that the online retail giant has altered much of the way we go about our lives, between shopping and having our goods get to us in 2 days, or having an intelligent assistant provide us the latest news and information.  Lately, Amazon has been receiving grief for the downfall of many of America’s retailers, with the latest being Toys R Us.  However, a new survey shows that many small businesses are utilizing the Amazon platform to sell their goods and services, and feel the company has actually aided their sales.

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Deal Alert – Get Apple’s Leather iPhone X Cases on Sale


Phone cases can come in all shapes and sizes, and certainly prices, especially when it comes to cases for the iPhone.  Apple’s own offerings generally are more on the premium side, particularly their leather cases, but can also offer great protection.  If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines waiting to change cases, or perhaps just a different color for your iPhone X, Amazon is running a great sale on various leather cases.  Read on for more!

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An Accountant by Day, Scott Foster Mans Pipes for Blackhawks

Scott Foster
Image via NBC Sports

One minute you’re cranking out the latest formula in Excel during the day, that night, you’re protecting the net for the NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks.  Just another day in the life of 36-year-old Scott Foster, who had not played a competitive hockey game in 12 years since his college days.  Due to injuries to other players, Foster was forced into action during a pretty pivotal part of the game against the Winnipeg Jets, according to Business Insider.  Check out below the jump for more of Foster’s incredible night!

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Hit The Links With The Best Golf Gloves

best golf gloves

Here we are at the end of March, with the first major of the golf season, The Masters, almost upon us, complete with hints of spring smells in the air.  Well, spring might almost be in the air for some places around the world, with many still digging out of the snow.  Regardless, you’ll soon be smelling the fresh cut grass of the links, birds chirping away, and that familiar sound of golf gloves coming undone as another round wraps.

That said, as a golfer myself, I know the importance of having the right golf glove, and it can make all the difference how many blisters you might wind up with when all is said and done back at the club house.  To help you out, I’ve put together a list of some of the best golf gloves to help you out this season.  Don’t forget that many of these offer variations as well regardless of which hand you golf with.  Read on for more and all the best on the greens this year as you tee off!

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Under Armour Announces Data Breach of MyFitnessPal


Lorraine Mirabella, reporting for The Baltimore Sun:

About 150 million users of the MyFitnessPal fitness and nutrition app and website have been affected by a data security breach, the site’s owner, Baltimore-based Under Armour, said Thursday.

The company learned of the breach, which included usernames, email addresses and hashed passwords, four days ago, according to a person familiar with the matter.

The affected data did not include government-issued identifiers, such as Social Security numbers and driver’s license numbers, information that the app does not collect from users. The breach also did not affect payment card data, which is collected and processed separately.

The brand began notifying MyFitnessPal users Thursday afternoon, via email and through app messaging.

If anything, just another reminder to make sure you’re keeping up on updating your passwords every so often.

Apple Changing Privacy Controls To Adhere to New European Law

Apple Privacy


The iPhone maker said it will update its web page for managing Apple IDs in coming months to let users download a copy of all their data stored with the company. The site will also let customers correct personal information, temporarily deactivate their account, and completely delete it. The new privacy controls are designed to comply with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, which kicks in May 25, the Cupertino, California-based company said.

While Apple may get chided at times for the lack of features on Siri, or other issues related to their focus on privacy, it seems like with the recent Facebook debacle, their efforts may be paying off.  Or as Tim Cook put it:

The ability of anyone to know what you’ve been browsing about for years, who your contacts are, who their contacts are, things you like and dislike and every intimate detail of your life — from my own point of view it shouldn’t exist.

In light of the recent Facebook events, what steps have you taken readers to strengthen up your privacy?  Feel free to discuss below!

And we’re back…with our Merch by Amazon Lineup!

Sometimes it can be good to take a bit of a step back, to watch how to take steps forward.  Since the last post have gone through a job change as well as continually exploring ways to expand our reach thus the several months’ delay in posting.  So with that, let’s get back in gear, by introducing our new gear from Merch by Amazon!  Fans of our Facebook Page have gotten glimpses of this already, so make sure to like our page if you haven’t already to make sure you don’t miss out, especially on quick deals and news as well as following us on Twitter!

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