Money Tip Monday: How To Save While Doing Laundry

Doing laundry.  It’s a fact of life, especially if we want clean clothes.  It can also be one of the largest sources of electrical or other utility expenses for your home.  It doesn’t have to be that way though.  Consumers Energy provides some good common sense tips to help a little bit in your bid to save on energy:

  1. Run full loads. You’ll save energy and water by reducing cycles.

  2. Clean the lint filter in your dryer before each load to improve air circulation.

  3. Inspect and clean the dryer vent periodically. Better air flow means more efficient drying.

  4. Hang laundry to dry. Hang clothes outside to dry on nice days, or hang them inside when the weather is not so nice.

  5. Use ENERGY STAR® rated washers and dryers. They use less energy and water than standard models. Consumers Energy (as well as other energy companies) can offer rebates up to $50 for an ENERGY STAR washing machine.

10 Ways To Make Your Vacation Budget Friendly

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We’ve now turned the calendar to June 1st, and for many, that means travel season.  However, there are ways you can see the world and not necessarily have to break the bank either.  Click here to read on how you can save some dime on your next vacation this summer from the good folks at You Need a Budget!  If you’d like to learn more about “YNAB”, be sure to check out this link, and should you decide to subscribe, we both get a free month!

Vermont Looking to Pay $10,000 For You to Move and Work There

Is the Green Mountain State calling your name?

If you have been looking for a change of scenery, and Vermont sounds good to you, Governor Phil Scott signed new legislation into law Thursday that should sweeten the deal for you.

Per CNN Money, eligible workers can get up to $5,000 a year, but that cannot exceed $10,000 over two years, through the state’s new remote worker grant program.

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Credit Unions vs Banks – How To Decide?

credit union
Credit unions or banks – how to decide?

It is always a good idea to put money away for harder times.  There are several ways that you can do this, including putting cash under your mattress, putting aside money in IRA accounts, playing the stock market, using a bank, or joining a credit union.  There are several ways that credit unions and banks are different from each other, even though they do virtually the same thing.

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