Invest Easily…One Acorn at a Time…

In this day and age of paltry savings account interest rates, I am always looking for ways to get better returns.  An app I came across awhile back, Acorns, allows you to connect your debit card to an investment portfolio where you can have the spare change from your purchases invested into various ETFs.

I think it is a great way for those not familiar with investing to get started, and a great way to passively invest.  While you shouldn’t expect huge returns necessarily, given the volatility of the markets, it’s a great way to automatically invest, and even get in some dollar cost averaging.  

If you are interested, check out Acorns for more information, and should you decide to go forward, check out an easy way on the Opportunities page to earn $5 for your investment account to get going!

NBC Continues Struggle With Olympics Viewership


Ever since I was a kid, I have always enjoyed watching the Olympics.  There’s just something about the notion that through sport, all just seems to be right within the world for a couple of weeks be it during the winter or summer months.  Now I know as of late, the Olympics occasionally get riddled with scandal of some sort, but overall, it is great to watch athletes, who are generally amateurs in nature, come together to compete.

Here in the States, NBC provides our coverage of the Games, and one of the areas of criticism the station always receives is how it goes about its prime time coverage.  One of the Summer Games marquee events is always women’s gymnastics, and I can’t help but think how both my wife and I were disappointed to know the results ahead of time before NBC would even air them with the most recent games in Rio.  Brazil even had a favorable time zone no less, only an hour ahead of New York.

Well, the next three Olympics will be in Asia.  2018’s Winter Games will head to South Korea, 2020’s Summer Games will head to Tokyo and 2022 will head to Beijing.  So what will this mean for NBC, as pretty much all of those host countries will be 13-14 hours ahead of Eastern Time?

The New York Times tries to answer just that today.  NBC’s primetime viewership in Rio was lower than expected.  The answers to this are unknown, because for all we know, they may not even put anything on TV, and we will all just be watching through our smart devices.  Technology continues to evolve at a lightning pace.  

“You’d be a lot less concerned if you were in the United States or in Continental Europe,” mentions Rich Greenfield, an analyst with BTIG Research. “Ninety percent of the content from Asia will be happening when we’re asleep — and when we wake up we’ll see our Twitter feeds and news stories telling us what has already happened.”  

But of course, money talks, and with the investment NBC has made over the next several years, they still continue to bank on viewers tuning in.

In a statement, Mark Lazarus, chairman of the NBC Sports group said, “The Olympics are the only events of its kind, dominating prime time for 17 straight nights, 118 Summer Olympic nights in a row,” in reference to the past Summer Olympics in which NBC had televised.

​Time will only tell what NBC’s eventual ROI will be.  Will you tune in readers?

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Meijer mPerks Deal

One of the other things I enjoy doing, is always trying to find deals or savings, and this week grocery chain Meijer has a deal on Visa or MasterCard gift cards through their mPerks program.  Once you clip it in your account, you can get $10 off $100 or more in gift cards.  These can be used most anywhere for purchases!  

Key Terms

  • No cash back.
  • Limit one use per (Visa & Mastercard) coupon
  • Valid Thru 8/20/16

Everyday Savings

The EveryDollar blog recently came out with some of their favorite tips for every day savings in your personal family budget.  Some are some basic knowledge, but at the same time can serve as great reminders!


Well, it has certainly been awhile since I last wrote!  But some exciting news to share!  My wife and I recently became parents to a brand new baby girl!  She was originally due July 26th, but came a week early!  Needless to say, we are ecstatic beyond belief, and she has truly been a gift in every sense of the word.  In between assisting with feedings and diaper changes, I have tried to start reading the below book.  For any new dads out there, do you have any additional recommended reading?  I thoroughly enjoyed his first in the series, The Expectant Father, and it looks like this one should be equally good as well.

How To Win at the Grocery Store

As a finance person, I’m always looking for ways to help out our bottom line at home as well, and as most know, one line item that can always eat a big chunk of your monthly budget is at the grocery store.  The EveryDollar blog had a great list in an ongoing series that they’re doing on ways to save money both on your house and car, but at the grocery store as well.  What do you do to trim your monthly budget?
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Teaching Kids About Money…

“A penny saved is a penny earned.”  Right?  Not exactly in today’s economy of low interest rates, but Jeanie Ahn over at Yahoo! Finance has some good tips to help kids get the most for your dollar.  I know we might be instituting some of these!  How do you get your kids to save? Feel free to leave comments below! 

First post…

Hello, and welcome to my blog!  It will certainly be a work in progress, but the first question might be, why “Script Notes”?  One of the things I have found about in life, is that no matter how often we plan, we often have to make changes to those plans.  

A script is often the plan, or story of a play in theatre.  But frequently as those works are presented, it does not always represent our vision of what we want.  So notes and adjustments get made off to the side.  

So, while you may think you have it all planned out, don’t be afraid to make bold choices, and change things along the way.  Be open.

That said, I aim for this blog to be a reflection of notes I make along the way.  

​Join me, and don’t be afraid to write down your own notes as well.