10 Decent Shopping Portal Bonuses from Acorns

We’ve previously talked about the micro investing site, Acorns, on here, and how it can be a great way to get started in investing, by rounding up the spare change from your purchases, for investing.  The company has been making strides into other ways you can earn money, through their Acorns Spend card, as well as brands willing to invest in you (similar to shopping portal payouts).  This month, there are 10 brands with payouts that might be worth checking into.

Five Best Selling Backpacks for Heading Back To School

Can you believe it?  Another school year is almost upon us.  While many may have been hitting up the back to school sales last month, one of the most vital items for a child is their backpack.  Here are five best-selling ones to help you out in case you just now noticed the current backpack lineup needs some serious updating.