Tips To Improve Your Holiday Photography

We are now well into the throngs of the holiday season, and that means picture time!  Whether you’re trying to get that perfect shot of the family gathered ‘round the table, gift opening, shots of winter and more, we all have an inner photographer in us. 

Kelli Gardener, with, recently reached out to 100+ professional photographers, and asked them for their advice on taking better photos during different times of the day, and if they could share some of their top tips.  Needless to say, their answers widely varied, but have been composed into a great guide to help you save time on figuring out the perfect shot!

5 iPhone Photography Tips for Better Pictures


If you have an iPhone, particularly an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, you probably already know how to take a picture with the camera.  You probably also know that it takes great pictures.  But, do you know really know how to take a great picture with your iPhone?  As an iPhone owner myself, I love the convenience of being able to take a picture at a moment's notice, especially with a little one.  Also with Mother's Day coming up as well as other holidays, users might be interested in taking some of the best photos with family members.

However, even though we may know most of the features of the camera, it can't hurt to still have a bit of a refresher.  Apple unveiled a new site today, as well as series of videos to its YouTube channel, entitled "How to Shoot on iPhone 7."  Currently there are five videos on YouTube, all designed to show users the best methods for capturing photos like panoramas, portraits, action shorts and more.

See below the jump for more on each video.

The great part is each video is only about 40 seconds in length, with a clear step-by-step tutorial on each feature.

1 - How To Shoot a Great Portrait on iPhone 7 Plus

This next one I found interesting as far as shooting a close up, with needing to utilize the exposure feature.

2 - How To Shoot a Close-Up on iPhone 7

We also know how beautiful horizontal panoramas can turn out, especially for large landscapes at the beach or at the park.  There are times though when a vertical panorama can come in handy though, for things like tall buildings or other landmarks.

3 - How To Shoot a Vertical Pano on iPhone 7

Sometimes you might find other situations where you do not necessarily want to have the flash on, particularly with nighttime scenes.

4 - How To Shoot Without a Flash on iPhone 7

iPhone users with children might appreciate the next video.  As many parents know our little ones are always on the go, so when you want to capture the right moment, it might be too late to get the best reaction, so this video can help as far as capturing action.

5 - How To Shoot Action on iPhone 7

So there you have it.  While some of the videos might be "old hat" to most users, it certainly can't hurt to brush up on some things.  Apple's site has plenty of additional videos such as shooting at the golden hour for the best light, shooting a back lit subject, capturing a group portrait, shooting with street light, capturing a unique angle, in addition to many others. If you would like even more comprehensive coverage on some of the best ways to choose a camera, check out Jen Miller’s article over at Jen Reviews! This article is completely free and packed with practical tips based on their photographers’ years of professional experience.