Ok, Google. How To Write a Good Resume?

Resume writing has become an art form in and of itself, as everyone tries to figure out how to make themselves stand apart from the rest of the competition.  One way though that can help almost anyone, is by listing sort of a “what have you done for me lately,” with each role you have had. 

Companies like to see results, which in turn can boost your overall value, and heighten your chances of snagging the role.  According to a Google recruiter, it’s actually more simple than you might think.

Continuing In Your Education - A Good Investment?

We previously wrote about things to consider if you were thinking of changing your career, and the resulting implications. Today, we examine what to consider if you’re thinking of continuing your education, particularly from the financial side.

Ask The Readers: Are You Considering a Career Change? Part 2

Last week, we posed the question if you are truly happy in your current career or not.  And if not, how you can perhaps make that career more enjoyable, find something on the side, or to just keep your options open entirely.  We continue this week by examining some choices if you are thinking of switching up careers.