Weather Wednesday: African Dust Headed for United States

dust Satellite images are starting to show a huge area of dust that is blowing off of Africa's coast and heading across the Atlantic toward the U.S.

Generally one would think that most of our weather would move from east to west.  However, that is not always true.  According to meteorologist, Mark Torregrosa, an east-to-west wind can carry dust from the Sahara Desert in Africa.


What 'Dust' This Mean for the US?

Mark continues:

So at a time when much of the U.S. has been very dry as of late (especially here in the Midwest), it may be something to be mindful of, especially for those with breathing or allergy issues!

New Study: Tablet Neck Syndrome More Likely For Women Than Men

We all love our devices, but frequently they can be the cause of much consternation for our necks, particularly what’s known as “tablet neck,” if we’re not using the right posture.  A new study finds that due to musculoskeletal symptoms, females may actually be at greater risk of developing neck problems from prolonged use.

Meditation App Calm Reaches $250M Valuation

Meditation app Calm hits a $250M valuation amid an explosion of interest in mindfulness apps calm

Let's face it - it seems like nowadays, everyone is stressed out.  So it is no wonder that mindfulness apps are starting to gain traction in popularity.

Just a few years ago, it might have been a bit of a challenge to convince investors that a mindfulness app would end up being a big business — but thanks to an increasing focus on mental health from both startups and larger companies, companies like Calm are …


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