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How To Pay Off Debt With The Tally App

It’s pretty common knowledge that just paying the minimum payments on your debt isn’t enough to get it done.  Other methodology has also suggested putting 15% of your income toward debt – not always a realistic option for many as things like rent and other living expenses continue to go up and up.  So what does that leave?  Enter Tally.

Fed Rate Announcement - Lowered By Quarter Point

As was widely expected, Federal Reserve officials cut interest rates by a quarter point today. The thought would be that it would give the US economy, working on a 10-year-old expansion, a shot in the arm. However, Chairman Powell said that it was only an “adjustment” and to not expect a long term trend - stocks responded accordingly this afternoon. However, in the interim, you might be wondering what all this means for you, the consumer? Read on!

Capital One Data Breach Affects 100 Million Credit Card Applications

Fresh off of the heels of the announcement of Equifax’s data breach settlement, on Monday it was announced that 100 million applicants of Capital One’s credit card products were affected by a breach as well.

Financial Freedom and Credit Cards

With Independence Day next here in the United States, finance site WalletHub, decided to take a survey at the end of May, about how consumers feel when it comes to credit cards, and their impact on their financial freedom.  The results were definitely interesting to say the least.

There's A Card For That - Introducing The Apple Card

On Monday, Apple made one of its largest forays into services, a change from their usual events regarding new hardware products or OS updates.  While the changes to their TV offerings and News app were widely suspected, there was one announcement that raised some curiosity.  Apple announced their  own credit card, the Apple Card.

WSJ: Apple and Goldman Sachs To Release Credit Card Later This Year

Per The Wall Street Journal, we should see a release of a new credit card for Apple, with Goldman Sachs as the banking partner.

Stay On Top of Your Cards With Debitize

With the advent of plastic and especially now mobile wallets, it can become oh so easy to rack up the debt.  Credit card companies love to entice us with all sorts of points, cash back offers and more.  After that, comes the interest that essentially wipes out the “value” of any of those points.  Granted, this may not be an issue for many, who opt to not use credit at all, or pay in full, and that’s great too! 

What if there was a way though to stay on top of your spend, earn points/cashback and get those transactions paid off right away?  Enter Debitize.

How To Save on Paying Off Your Debt With Balance Transfer Cards

How To Save on Paying Off Your Debt With Balance Transfer Cards

If revolving credit card debt knocks on your door on a month to month basis, it might be time to consider a balance transfer card.  Of course, the main focus is to pay it and be done with it, and preferably no new purchases on it.  Read more for how this technique can help you potentially save on interest, as well as get out of debt even more quickly.

What To Know About Credit Card Debt Forgiveness

Wouldn’t it be great if once credit card debt is forgiven, everything just magically goes away, and that’s the end of that?  Unfortunately that’s not the case.  Granted, the best route is to just pay off your debts on your own, but for some it’s not always that easy.