Financial Stress and Sleep Health

It has always been said that personal finance is just that, personal.  Sometimes though, the stress of personal finance can impact our personal health, especially when it comes to sleep or a lack thereof.  The web site, Mattress Advisor, recently did a deep dive into the correlation between being stressed about our money, and how that can impact your sleep habits.

5 Best Selling Low Carb Cookbooks Gift Guide

There’s no denying how popular the low carb diet has become lately. If there’s one thing that we know how to do this time of year, it’s eat. A lot. It doesn’t have to be that way though. You can still find plenty of delicious recipes to make without blowing your caloric budget out of the water. If you’re resolving to eat better in the new year, or know of loved ones or friends who may wish to do the same, here are five of the best selling low carb cookbooks.

New Apple Watch Series 4 ECG App Already Making Impact

Yesterday, Apple released Watch OS 5.1.2, and with that, came the much anticipated ECG app. Granted many received normal sinus rhythms. However, one Reddit user was surprised to receive an A-fib result.