Father's Day

Amazon Prime Members - Get Dad a Last Minute Echo or Kindle Today!

Father's Day At Script-Notes, we like to spend time to save our readers time, and money.  If you've run out of "time" for shopping for Dad for Father's Day, Amazon has some great deals going on Echo and Kindle devices!  The catch though is you have to be an Amazon Prime Member for them to reach you (or him) in time for Father's Day.

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As we mentioned above, if you're a Prime Member, you can go ahead and order today, and you'll be in luck and get free shipping.  If you're sitting on the sidelines though, and not a Prime Member yet, don't fear.  You can click below for a 30 day free trial to still take advantage, and of course if you decide it's not for you, can go ahead and cancel.  From personal experience though, Amazon has found numerous ways to provide value for its members.

That said, let's get to the deals.  As we mentioned at the outset, Amazon has a lengthy listing of deals available for its Echo and Kindle devices.  We own both a regular Echo and the Kindle Paperwhite ourselves, and love both.  The Echo has come in extremely handy in the kitchen for setting multiple timers, playing music, getting sports score updates and getting NPR news flash briefings.  For the reader in your household, the Kindle can be great and portable and has adjustable lighting if they like to read at night.

Without further adieu, here are the discounts:

Echo Devices

Kindle Devices

Happy Shopping, and a Happy Father's Day to all fellow fathers out there!