T-Mobile Tuesdays - Discounts with Groupon, Fandango, and Dunkin Donuts

One of the perks to being a T-Mobile customer is the capability to either earn free goodies or heavily discounted items through their T-Mobile Tuesdays app which can be found on both iOS and Android.  The offer is valid for T-Mobile customers only, but if you're not a customer, and are interested in becoming one in order to take advantage of deals like the below, be sure to check out here for more information.

Today's Freebies include:

30% off Local Purchases at Groupon for Free (Maximum discount up to $40)
$2 Dunkin Donuts Promo Card (Available in select states)
$2 Any Movie Ticket at Fandango (regardless of how much ticket plus convenience fees, etc costs).

Players also have a chance to win coffee for a month, six months and a year based on variable Dunkin Donuts gift card denominations.