Save $25 off $50 at Amazon with your AmEx Card!

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If you have an American Express credit card, and are also an Amazon enthusiast, you can score some great savings with the below offer.  Please note though that there is potential the offer may vary by cardholder:

1) Head here to link your AmEx Card to your Amazon account.
2) After completing enrollment, add $50 worth of merchandise sold and shipped by Amazon to your cart.
3) Once done adding items to your cart, head to the checkout and select the newly enrolled AmEx Card as your payment method.  Then pick the amount of points you want to use for the purchase.  You do need to use at least something points wise.  
4) Utilize promotion code AMEX17EVER
5) Barring any unforeseen circumstances, you should now be enjoying a quick $25 off your purchase!

If you don't already have an infamous Amazon Prime membership, you can look into that as well to score even more goodies throughout the year, including free 2-day shipping.

Have a great weekend everyone.