New Podcast Episode: Happy Post 4th of July!

Hi everyone!  Just a quick reminder that we have a podcast now that highlights stories you might have missed during the week.

This week's episode covers a story, where I had an interesting conversation with a former marine on July 3rd, how the Script-Notes show continues to expand on different platforms, and a quick recap of some different stories and headlines since our last episode.

Our number of downloads continues to grow, so thank you very much again for that!

Here are some of the links from the show notes:

Link to iPhone Case:

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I'd like to highly recommend the app.  It makes it really super easy to get up and running with making your own podcast.  They also help you in distribution as well!  Check out the first link that shows where all you can find us.  Of course, if you want a quick and easy way, check out the embedded player off to the right that always updates with the latest episode as well!

Have a great day and weekend!