Your Commute - A New Feature From LinkedIn

commute You know the drill.  You take that brand new exciting job to only realize that perhaps your new commute won't be as great as you thought it was.

Today, LinkedIn, is turning on a new feature that will allow for job-seekers check out the location and commute time to specific businesses, in order to figure out if they'd want to work there.

Your Commute

Senior product manager, Dan Li, shared with TechCrunch,  ‘Your Commute’ as the feature is called, is now available globally on mobile, providing location data for all businesses for where the company already has location information.  The feature should be on its way to desktop soon.

“When members save their location preferences in Career Interests, we’re able to provide more relevant job recommendations that fit exactly what they’re looking for in their next role,” Li said. “We’re thinking through additional ways members can use location information to improve their job searches in the near future.”

The feature will end up appearing within job postings on LinkedIn and will become a part of how LinkedIn surfaces job opportunities in its search feature for its 500 million-plus users.

A Microsoft Touch

One might recall that LinkedIn was acquired by Microsoft for $26.2 billion in 2016.  Due to this, the company has been integrating features and services with its new owner, and this is the case here. The location and navigation data is being supplied by Bing Maps, Microsoft’s mapping service that is akin to Google and Apple Maps, by way of its API.

By utilizing Bing, it will give Microsoft one more extension into traffic and data collection to help expand the maps’ data sets.

How Do I Know Them Again?

If you're a LinkedIn member, sometimes you will get prompts from the company regarding certain connections.

LinkedIn has sometimes been a subject of consternation for its users in how it suggests connections to others — particularly in cases where it isn’t even clear how LinkedIn obtained the information in the first place — Li is quick to note that the addition of this feature came from user feedback.

“Our members have indicated that the location of a job — and the commute time associated with it — is a big factor in their decision making process when considering new roles, and we know commute times are getting longer across the board according to recent research from Gallup,” he said.

The company’s own LinkedIn survey data indicated that 85 percent of professionals would take a pay cut for a shorter commute. “The Your Commute feature is a quick and easy way for members to access insight into their potential commute directly within the job posting on LinkedIn and empower them to make more informed career decisions.”

What about you, readers?  Would you take a pay cut if it meant a shorter commute?  Feel free to comment below!