Freebie Friday: $10 Off at Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club As anyone can attest to, one of the biggest expenses of your personal supplies and toiletries budget can be razor blades for shaving.  As a reward for readers, I have a promo code to give away for $10 in Dollar Shave Club credit for new members.  The offer is only good though until May 31, 2017, expiring at 11:59 PST, so if you've been waiting on the sidelines to give them a try, here is a great opportunity to do so!  All you have to do is leave a comment below, and the first to comment will receive the code!

We appreciate your continued support of the site!  While it's a different "niche," as a consolation prize, if you should miss out on the DSC promo, I do have four HelloFresh promo codes to give out if you've been wanting to try them as well!

If you're new to "DSC," read below for more!

How Does Dollar Shave Club Work?

It’s simple. Just pick any one of our amazing razors. We’ll send you a reusable handle and a full cassette of blades. Then, you’ll get brand spanking new cassettes of your blades shipped monthly, right to your door. Get even more out of your membership when you add in our top-shelf shave, shower, hair, and skin care products.

That being said, my personal favorite is the Executive razor.  If you choose this option, you get six stainless steel blades, four cartridges per month, and a special trimmer edge built in.  I am also a huge fan of their Dr. Carver's Easy Shave Butter.  Features of that include:


  • Helps soften hair for maximum glide
  • Formulated with gentle ingredients
  • Helps prevent ingrown hairs
  • Fights razor bumps
  • Paraben and Sulfate Free

The biggest advantage is that it goes on clear so that you can actually see what you're doing.  I can't tell you how many times I've probably knicked myself with other shave products due to this aspect.  And for women, Dollar Shave Club's FAQ page mentions that their razors and Shave Butter products work just as well too!

Also, for additional savings with Dollar Shave Club, check out the Acorns investment app.  If you connect your Acorns-linked card to their Found Money feature, for any Dollar Shave Club purchases that are over $10, they will reinvest 10% of your purchase!  Check out either the above link or our Opportunities page to learn more about Acorns.