Free Starbucks Coffee K-Cup Tasting Flight Sample Pack

Starbucks Coffee K Cups The website, Starbucks First Taste, is handing out Starbucks K-Cup Tasting Flight Sample Packs for free if you sign up with your name, address, and email. Best of all, shipping is also free!

You get your choices of:

  • Starbucks Coffee Lighter Roast Tasting Flight
    • Veranda Blend
    • Bright Sky Blend
    • Breakfast Blend
  • Starbucks Coffee Medium Roast Tasting Flight
    • Breakfast Blend
    • Pike Place Roast
    • House Blend
  • Starbucks Coffee Dark Roast Tasting Flight
    • Caffè Verona
    • Sumatra
    • French Roast

Perhaps due to the popularity of this deal, there has been website hiccups going on.  Should this happen to you, try again a bit later on, or perhaps access the site from a different browser.