Free Guac at Chipotle for T-Mobile Customers

One of my favorite things about being a T-Mobile customer is not only have we been able to save quite a bit on data usage, but a unique exclusive is their ongoing T-Mobile Tuesdays promotions where customers have been able to score some free swag.  I was even able to pick up some free magenta socks for my wife recently from our local store.  While some customers were previously able to enjoy a Tuesday pizza with Papa John's, the mobile giant switched up today where the majority of customers should be able to get free guac at Chipotle with chips!  

T-Mobile customers can also have a chance to win the below, but the majority should win at least the free guac and chips:

Additionally, players will also have a chance to win the items listed below for free:
Chipotle For a Year
Chipotle For 20 Friends
Chipotle Dinner for Two