Deal: T-Mobile Customers Get a 3rd Line Free with a 2 Line Unlimited Plan

Currently T-Mobile is running a promotion for customers, both new and current, where you can get a 3rd line for free after signing up for a 2 Line unlimited plan for $100 a month (after bill credits).  To order, you can either call 1-855-741-8940 or visit their promo page for more details.
It is a limited time offer, with some exclusions applying.  Customers who may have cancelled a line after Jan 1, 2017 may not be eligible, and it could take up to two bill cycles to go into effect.  

Here is a summary of the Q&A from their Promotions Page:
  • How do I get the free add a line promotion?
    • Starting March 1st, for a limited time only, anyone activating 2 unlimited lines on T-Mobile ONE, and existing customers with at least 2 voice lines on T-Mobile ONE or Simple Choice can get 1 additional line for FREE after bill credit.
    • All free lines must be activated during the promotional period and you can keep the promotional pricing as long as you maintain qualifying service and line count. Customers may take advantage of this offer in addition to other offers and promotions, including 2/$100 and Carrier Freedom.
  • Who's eligible for this promotion?
    • New customers, current customers and employees are eligible to receive this offer as long as they are on a qualifying rate plan, have two paid voice lines, and an account in good standing.
    • Customers with one voice line will need to migrate to T-Mobile ONE and add a second paid voice line to qualify for the FREE Line. Qualifying new and existing @Work customers may add one additional qualifying line on us for a max of 12 lines total.
  • How does the offer work?
    • The free line will match your current paid voice line data, i.e. T-Mobile ONE customers will receive a FREE T-Mobile ONE line and similarly, Simple Choice customers will receive a FREE Simple Choice line.
    • If your lines have varying amounts of data, the free line will match the line with the least amount of data. Existing customers with two paid voice lines get a free line whether you're adding a smartphone line, tablet line or wearable.
    • In most cases, you will see your free line credit on your first bill. If credit is not applied on the first bill, two credits will appear on the second bill.
    • For customer's not on the new T-Mobile ONE taxes and fees included plan, taxes/fees may be applied to pre-bill credit price. A maximum of 1 free line can be added per account.
    • If you cancel service on one of your lines within 12 months or migrate to another plan, you will lose the monthly bill credit for the free line.
  • Where is this offer available?
    • Anywhere that T-Mobile offers new lines of service, including T-Mobile retail stores nationwide, and authorized postpaid dealers.

Our family recently became T-Mobile customers a year ago, and have thoroughly enjoyed their customer service.  While placing pre-orders for the latest iPhones have always been a bit touch and go (which seems to be the case for all carriers), they always seem to go above and beyond to make sure we're happy!  We did recently sign up for the Unlimited promotion for the two lines, and are pleased we won't necessarily have to worry about data overages anymore!  And you can't beat them having one of the most entertaining CEO's around in John Legere.