Coors Field Photo Flub - Denver Post Shows Wrong Ballpark

coors field Baseball is in full swing, and newspaper sports sections have begun their respective coverage.  But what happens when your hometown paper provides the local guide to your ballpark, only to show the wrong one?  The Denver Post found out the hard way with their guide to Coors Field.

Coors Field - In Philadelphia?

Granted the newspaper did apologize for the photo mistake surrounding the photo, but not before many had fun with the mistake on social media.

Earlier this morning, the Rockies tweeted a picture of Coors Field, with the caption, "As beautiful as you remember."

The Phillies would be quick to respond with:

Of course, elsewhere on Twitter never disappoints:

The Post would ultimately issue their apology regarding the Coors Field photo flub:

Unfortunately not aiding matters, the Post has reduced staffing levels by about 30%, including layoffs as recent as last month per the Denver Business Journal.

The paper was quickly able to turn their flub into a contest for fans though, to win tickets to a Rockies game on Monday night: