Cheaper Nest Thermostat on the Way


If you have been holding off on entering the Smart Thermostat market due to price, you might be in luck if you can wait a little while longer.  Per Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, Alphabet Inc is working on a new iteration of its "learning" thermostat, which can adjust the temperature based on how you use it over time.  While the current version sells for $249, this newest version would  plan to be sold for under $200, making it a more attractive price point for many families.  The reason it might come in at a lower price tag is because the unit would include less expensive components and materials and at least one version that is being looked at internally does not contain the metal edges.

Also in the works from the company is said to be a new home-security system, a digital doorbell as well as a new indoor security camera.  

The new cheaper thermostat is expected to launch by next year.