6 Simple Ways to Save Money During Halloween

Yes, yes, it’s not even the Fourth yet, so you might wonder why bring up Halloween now? Truth is, when it comes to budgeting, you shouldn’t wait until it’s time for the expense to arise. Just like how it can be good practice to budget for the next set of holidays in January. Today we have a guest post from Laura Gariepy of Hi Charlie, that examines six ways to save time and money on Halloween.

Five Best Selling Backpacks for Heading Back To School

Can you believe it?  Another school year is almost upon us.  While many may have been hitting up the back to school sales last month, one of the most vital items for a child is their backpack.  Here are five best-selling ones to help you out in case you just now noticed the current backpack lineup needs some serious updating. 

Money Tip Monday: Get $15 Off Your First Shipt Order

Do you ever find yourself having spent too much time at the grocery store?  Bobbing and weaving among the other customers, wondering if you really should have gotten that impulse buy, and then realizing you forgot about five things on your list?  The grocery delivery service Shipt has been helping to ease some grocery shopper angst, by having others do the shopping for them.  If you’ve been on the side lines waiting to try it out, Shipt has a great offer going on right now, where you can get your first two weeks free, and $15 off your first order.  If you’re a Bank of America customer, you might be in for even more savings!

10 Funny Gift Ideas for Mom Under $10

funny gift ideas for mom It's hard to believe Mother's Day 2018 is already less than a month away, and with that comes the need to find the perfect gift idea for mom.  Does your mom like to laugh, appreciate a good joke, or could be in need of a little pick me up for Mother's Day?  Then look no further as we've put together a gift idea guide of 10 funny gift ideas for your mom that are under $10!

10 Funny Gift Ideas for Mom Under $10

1) [easyazon_link identifier="0843182938" locale="US" tag="scriptnotes00-20" localize="y"]Dog Ate My Mad Libs[/easyazon_link]

We all remember Mad Libs right?  How about a dog version?  Perfect for dog lovers, the 48-page books contains an original 21 stories that are inspired by man's (or woman's) best friend!

[easyazon_image align="none" height="160" identifier="0843182938" locale="US" localize="y" src="" tag="scriptnotes00-20" width="100"]

2) [easyazon_link identifier="B01I5G0F5K" locale="US" tag="scriptnotes00-20" localize="y"]Ninja Star Magnets[/easyazon_link]

You don't want to mess around with notes on the fridge!  From the product description page:

  • VERSATILE - Apply this set of fun magnets to any magnetic surface - magnetic whiteboards, fridges, cabinets, lockers and more. This Ninja star magnet set are perfect fridge magnets for adults.
  • STRONG MAGNETS - These unique and fun magnets reliably hold up to 10 sheets of printer paper with a single magnet!
  • SIZE OF MAGNETS - The length of each Ninja Magnet is 2.5 inches.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE - Each magnet you buy will last a lifetime or Bullseye Office will replace them for free. If our product is unsatisfactory feel free to send it back and receive 100% of your money back! No risk!

[easyazon_image align="none" height="141" identifier="B01I5G0F5K" locale="US" localize="y" src="" tag="scriptnotes00-20" width="160"]

3) [easyazon_link identifier="1401310672" locale="US" tag="scriptnotes00-20" localize="y"]Damn You, Autocorrect![/easyazon_link]

We all love our smartphones and what they can do for our daily lives, but if you really want a funny gift idea for mom, be sure to check out the below book.  Especially if she has been prone to test autocorrect herself a few times!

Filled with submissions from readers of her popular website, this laugh-out-loud funny book features cringe-worthy exchanges with parents, friends, significant others, and co-workers that contain some of the most unintentionally hilarious--and mortifying--mistakes ever caused by Autocorrect.

[easyazon_image align="none" height="160" identifier="1401310672" locale="US" localize="y" src="" tag="scriptnotes00-20" width="104"]

4) [easyazon_link identifier="B00A26IUJK" locale="US" tag="scriptnotes00-20" localize="y"]Pet Sweep Prank Gift Box[/easyazon_link]

Does Mom ever complain about too much debris on the kitchen floor, with crumbs strewn about?  She'll be sure to get a kick out of this joke gift box (just don't forget to include the actual present you did want to give her!)

[easyazon_image align="none" height="418" identifier="B00A26IUJK" locale="US" localize="y" src="" tag="scriptnotes00-20" width="500"]

5) [easyazon_link identifier="B0010ZZMKC" locale="US" tag="scriptnotes00-20" localize="y"]Leg Lamp Nightlight[/easyazon_link]

We all remember the infamous leg lamp from the Christmas classic, A Christmas Story.  Makes for a great gift for any fan of the movie, as well as a potential great decoration come Christmas time!

[easyazon_image align="none" height="500" identifier="B0010ZZMKC" locale="US" localize="y" src="" tag="scriptnotes00-20" width="235"]

6) [easyazon_link identifier="0307592294" locale="US" tag="scriptnotes00-20" localize="y"]Awkward Family Photos[/easyazon_link]

Ever look back on some of your old family photos that are absolutely cringe worthy?  Well, perhaps after looking at this tome, you won't feel quite as bad as the poor families and their respective photographs within.

[easyazon_image align="none" height="500" identifier="0307592294" locale="US" localize="y" src="" tag="scriptnotes00-20" width="455"]

7) [easyazon_link identifier="B00SQGP8X4" locale="US" tag="scriptnotes00-20" localize="y"]I Don't Like Morning People Coffee Mug[/easyazon_link]

Is Mom not a morning person at all, but a definite coffee lover?  Then she'll be sure to love the below, giving fair warning to anyone!

[easyazon_image align="none" height="152" identifier="B00SQGP8X4" locale="US" localize="y" src="" tag="scriptnotes00-20" width="160"]

8) [easyazon_link identifier="B01HXWEC60" locale="US" tag="scriptnotes00-20" localize="y"]Best Light Motion Activated Toilet Night Light[/easyazon_link]

Perhaps even the gents will appreciate this one, and in turn, Mom will appreciate it too.

Motion-activated LED sensor, not have to turn on the lights to go to the bathroom at night when half asleep, it will not disturb your body sleeping clock.It is motion activated, only turns on when you walk into the bathroom in the dark. It's always there to show you the way.

[easyazon_image align="none" height="160" identifier="B01HXWEC60" locale="US" localize="y" src="" tag="scriptnotes00-20" width="160"]

9) [easyazon_link identifier="1533270775" locale="US" tag="scriptnotes00-20" localize="y"]Mom Life: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book[/easyazon_link]

There's no denying that coloring books have found a recent surge in popularity as not only being therapeutic for kids, but for adults as well.  Moms experiencing the highs and lows of #MomLife will be sure to get a kick out of this book.  The problem is finding the time to color, right?

[easyazon_image align="none" height="160" identifier="1533270775" locale="US" localize="y" src="" tag="scriptnotes00-20" width="124"]

10) [easyazon_link identifier="0385345224" locale="US" tag="scriptnotes00-20" localize="y"]Fifty Shades of Chicken[/easyazon_link]

Does Mom own a Kindle?  (If not, they're [easyazon_link identifier="B00OQVZDJM" locale="US" tag="scriptnotes00-20" localize="y"]available here[/easyazon_link] as another gift idea!)  Then she'll be sure to appreciate this romantic cookbook!

[easyazon_image align="none" height="160" identifier="0385345224" locale="US" localize="y" src="" tag="scriptnotes00-20" width="125"]

So there you have it.  Hopefully this budget friendly guide of funny gift ideas for mom will give you a good starting point if you're looking to give mom some much needed laughs this Mother's Day!  If Mom enjoys golf, be sure to check out our guide to some of the most popular golf gloves!

Swap Your Toys R Us Gift Cards at Bed, Bath & Beyond


Toys R Us gift card holders can exchange them for a reduced Bed Bath & Beyond or buybuy BABY eGift cards. But shoppers needs to act fast.

Time To Act Now on Toys R Us Gift Cards

If you've been hanging onto any remaining Toys R Us gift cards, you may want to act soon.  The going out of business retail chain is planning on only honoring gift cards through April 13th, according to USA Today.

"Use those gift cards ASAP," the Better Business Bureau said on its website in advice for customers of bankrupt companies. "Businesses that have entered into the liquidation process will not be around for very long and BBB advises consumers who are holding gift cards spend them as soon as possible or risk getting stuck with a worthless piece of plastic."

However, if you don't anticipate being able to use any remaining cards, retailer Bed, Bath and Beyond is coming to the rescue, teaming up with CardCash to buy any unwanted cards.


  • Thursday April 5, 2018 at 11:59pm EST is the last day they’ll buy your unwanted Toys R Us gift cards.
  • The minimum value has to be $20.00, although partially used or uneven balances will be accepted.
  • They’re only offering a payout rate of 64.2%.

A payout rate like the above would normally be terrible.  But given the forthcoming demise of the toy giant, this may be a good time to cut your losses.

Here's a little nostalgia for 'ol time's sake:

H/T: Frequent Miler