Fed Rate Announcement - Lowered By Quarter Point

As was widely expected, Federal Reserve officials cut interest rates by a quarter point today. The thought would be that it would give the US economy, working on a 10-year-old expansion, a shot in the arm. However, Chairman Powell said that it was only an “adjustment” and to not expect a long term trend - stocks responded accordingly this afternoon. However, in the interim, you might be wondering what all this means for you, the consumer? Read on!

Bed Bath and Going Beyond Coupons

You’ve probably gotten that all too familiar bright bluish coupon in the mail, encouraging you to come save 20% off one item by a certain date. Then if you’re too late, it drops to 10%. Turns out, that coupon business doesn’t seem to be doing the retailer many favors to its bottom line.

Ok, Google. How To Write a Good Resume?

Resume writing has become an art form in and of itself, as everyone tries to figure out how to make themselves stand apart from the rest of the competition.  One way though that can help almost anyone, is by listing sort of a “what have you done for me lately,” with each role you have had. 

Companies like to see results, which in turn can boost your overall value, and heighten your chances of snagging the role.  According to a Google recruiter, it’s actually more simple than you might think.

176 Side Hustles Ideas for Making Money Right Now

Side hustles continue to surge in popularity.  There’s plenty of podcasts about the very subjects as well as different books available.  Entrepreneur Jonny Nastor came up with a substantial list of ways you can make money on the side, or get a business rolling you might not have thought possible.  Following along with today’s earlier post, this can be a great way to really ignite your debt payoff!

Ask The Readers: Are You Considering a Career Change? Part 2

Last week, we posed the question if you are truly happy in your current career or not.  And if not, how you can perhaps make that career more enjoyable, find something on the side, or to just keep your options open entirely.  We continue this week by examining some choices if you are thinking of switching up careers.