Hurry - New Amazon Music Unlimited Subscribers Can Get 2 Months Free

Amazon Music Unlimited Anymore, it probably seems like there are about as many streaming music services as there are songs available.  More so, each service is trying to do what it can to differentiate itself from the other, competing for your dollars. Just like you might be loyal to a particular type of car, sometimes it can be fun to try something else.  If you have been clamoring to change things up, Amazon is currently offering two free months of Amazon Music Unlimited to new users.

In order to partake in this deal, you have to do so via Amazon’s promotional page.  After arriving at the page, click on Enter Your Code.  After the pop-up window appears, enter the code MOREMUSIC, then hit Apply.

Next up, follow the link in step two on the page in order to sign up for the service with your Amazon account.  Even better is that Amazon Music Unlimited offers up a free 30-day trial to all new users, but that promotional piece automatically gives you a $10 credit toward a second month’s subscription.  Then once the third month kicks in, you’ll be charged $10 a month for the service, or if you are an Amazon Prime member, it will only come with an $8 price tag.

What is key to remember though is that Amazon Music Unlimited is not the same as Prime Music.  The latter service is a free service specifically for Prime members.  The key difference is that the Unlimited service has “tens of millions” more tracks compared to the two million available within Prime Music.

Even cooler is that Amazon’s music services also have Alexa integration which can allow you to play songs on an Echo device, or even find a song based on the lyrics.

So if you’re interested, you may wish to hurry as the $10 credit offer only lasts until the end of the month.