An Accountant by Day, Scott Foster Mans Pipes for Blackhawks

Scott Foster One minute you're cranking out the latest formula in Excel during the day, that night, you're protecting the net for the NHL's Chicago Blackhawks.  Just another day in the life of 36-year-old Scott Foster, who had not played a competitive hockey game in 12 years since his college days.  Due to injuries to other players, Foster was forced into action during a pretty pivotal part of the game against the Winnipeg Jets, according to Business Insider.  Check out below the jump for more of Foster's incredible night!

You're Going In

Usually for situations like these, emergency goalies generally come from local rec leagues, getting only "a nice dinner and a night in the press box watching the world's best players compete at hockey's highest level," according to The Associated Press' Jay Cohen.

The home team is the provider of the goalies, with both teams able to use them if push comes to shove.  That way, should a goaltender get hurt out of the blue and the team's minor league goalie does not have enought time to arrive, the emergency goalie goes in, goes through warm-ups, and — more often than not— sits at the end of the bench watching the game.

Such was not to be the case for Foster.

As luck would have it, the Blackhawks would lose their backup goalie to a leg cramp in the third period.  Foster was going in, and would also stop his first shot, much to the delight of the United Center faithful:

'The initial shock happened when I had to dress," Foster would say after the game. "I think you just kind of black out after that."
Except Foster wasn't done there.  He would go on to stop all shots he would face after that:
The Hawks would go on to win the game 6-2, with his teammates showing him much adoration:
"This is something that no one can ever take away from me," said Foster. "It's something that I can go home and tell my kids and they can tell their friends."
And to top it all off, he was even named the night's First Star of the Game:
As one who has worked in finance, and a lifelong hockey fan (Go Wings!), this is definitely a great story that touched a chord for me.  Hats off (hat trick?) to Scott Foster on a night to remember!