Finding Financial Contentment

One area of personal finance that trips many people up, is not being content with what you have.  Not enough people try to “live their life, versus the lives of others,” as Rachel Cruze points out in her similarly titled book.  Instead of obsessing over money, sometimes it can be a huge stress reducer to simply be happy with what you have already.  Who knows?  You might already be richer than you think.

If You Have To Spend, Spend It On Experiences

“We buy things to make us happy, and we succeed. But only for a while. New things are exciting to us at first, but then we adapt to them.”

Retiring Earlier Than You Might Have Planned

Lately I’ve been writing more about the concepts of financial freedom and independence. While there’s certainly nothing wrong, with going the “traditional path” of retiring in one’s 50’s/60’s, time is definitely finite, so exploring ways to achieve this, or perhaps use it to pay down debt have become inspiring. However, some may get faced with retiring earlier than expected for unforeseen reasons, and it can help to be prepared.

Financial Freedom and Credit Cards

With Independence Day next here in the United States, finance site WalletHub, decided to take a survey at the end of May, about how consumers feel when it comes to credit cards, and their impact on their financial freedom.  The results were definitely interesting to say the least.

Achieving Financial Security

One of the great things about personal finance is that it’s, well, personal, and with that come varying degrees of strategies employed to make sure everything is in order.  After recently reading Ramit Sethi’s I Will Teach You To Be Rich, and am now in the midst of Grant Sabatier’s Financial Freedom, I’ve become intrigued to learn more about the various strategies available to obtain financial security.  There are, however, some steps that remain tried and true.

How To Be More Financially Organized

Social media.  Bank accounts.  Subscriptions.  Credit cards.  You name it, you probably have a log in for it.  Here’s food for thought though.  While none of us ever want to ponder what might happen after we leave this mortal coil, there will be those left behind that may have the inevitable task of needing to handle your finances, log ins and more.  The question is, do you have all this documented?  More than likely not.  Read on for a great free tool that can help you get started today.

Money Monday: Should You Pay Off Debt or Increase Your Savings?

While most would argue that it would make a lot more sense to pay off your debt first, particularly if it’s a high interest credit card debt, could a case be made to also increase your savings as well?

Millenials Staring at $1 Trillion in Debt

Not surpisingly, student loans make up a majority of the debt for 19-29 year olds. Reflective of this is that while mortgage debt is only up 3.2%, student loans are up a staggering 102%.

WSJ: Apple and Goldman Sachs To Release Credit Card Later This Year

Per The Wall Street Journal, we should see a release of a new credit card for Apple, with Goldman Sachs as the banking partner.