A Quicker Way To Manage iOS App Subscriptions

We all know how easy it can be to sign up for in app subscriptions, especially ones with days old free trials that all of a sudden you remember you signed up for when the charge hits your account.  It’s always been a bit of a task though to cancel those subscriptions.  No longer.

New Apple Watch Series 4 ECG App Already Making Impact

Yesterday, Apple released Watch OS 5.1.2, and with that, came the much anticipated ECG app. Granted many received normal sinus rhythms. However, one Reddit user was surprised to receive an A-fib result.

Apple Unveils Online Store With 10% Discount for U.S. Veterans and Active Military

It’s hard enough to come by discounts on Apple products as it is, so 10% off is a pretty good deal.  It may be worth sharing this with any friends or family members who might qualify.

Apple Music to Debut on Amazon Echo Devices Soon

Anymore, one has an equal amount of music streaming services to choose from as there are smart home speakers.  Two of the most popular have been Apple Music for streaming, and Amazon’s Echo devices for a smart home speaker.  Before you only had one option if you wanted to utilize Apple Music.  The HomePod.  Now the service and smart speaker are about to be united.

Today The iMac Turns 20

We all know how quickly technology evolves.  Apple’s iMac desktop computer has been no exception, since its early days as a colorful, translucent machine to now a thin, aluminum design with vastly improved processing speeds.  Today, the iMac celebrates the 20th anniversary of its launch.

Apple To Bundle Services Into Single Subscription?

Apple could bundle TV, music and news in a single subscription According to a report from The Information, Apple could choose to bundle all its media offerings into a single subscription. While Apple’s main media subscription product is currently Apple Music, it’s no secret that the company is investing in other areas. I…


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Oh AirPower, Where Are You?


Why Apple's AirPower Wireless Charger Is Taking So Long to Make

Mark Gurman, writing for Bloomberg:

The AirPower charger is also more advanced than the current competition because it includes a custom Apple chip running a stripped down version of the iOS mobile operating system to conduct on-device power management and pairing with devices. Apple engineers have also been working to squash bugs related to the on-board firmware, according to the people familiar. They asked not to be identified discussing a product that hasn’t been released yet.

The company plans to produce the charger with Pegatron Corp., which also builds some iPhones, according to a person familiar with the arrangement.

Apple didn’t say when in 2018 it would release AirPower, but engineers hoped to launch the charger by June. The aim now is to put it on sale before or in September, according to one of the people. In recent months, some Apple engineers have ramped up testing of the device by using it as their charger at the office, another person said.

“Hopefully, Apple learns a lesson to only announce products that are for sure shipping soon or immediately after announcing,” said Ben Bajarin, an analyst at research firm Creative Strategies. Still, he sees little impact in the long-term because the AirPower product is part of a much larger strategy that will develop over years, not months or quarters.

Perhaps this is why they announced a year in advance what they did at WWDC for developers wishing to put their apps on the Mac?

Siri Should Be Able To Support Apps Like Spotify in iOS 12

Limited Siri support for music apps like Spotify is possible in iOS 12 Limited Siri support for music apps like Spotify is possible in iOS 12

Apple is finally getting a bit more friendly with third party music-streaming apps when it comes to Siri. Music-streaming companies like Spotify will soon be able to let users utilize Siri controls to play music through their apps thanks to Apple’s newly-anno…


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Sonos Debuts The Beam

Sonos Debuts Alexa Home Theater Speaker, Ups Apple Integration Sonos Inc. introduced the Beam home-theater smart speaker and said its products would be integrated in July with Apple Inc.'s new AirPlay 2 wireless music-streaming system. The Beam is a sound bar designed to sit below a television set and replace the ...


Meet 'Daisy': Apple's New iPhone Recycling Robot

Daisy On the cusp of Earth Day 2018, Apple has unveiled Daisy, its latest recycling robot.  Daisy is an update to Liam, the original recycling robot that the company revealed back in 2016.

Daisy is also a recycled product of sorts

From Brian Heater, reporting for TechCrunch:

Daisy was developed in-house by Apple engineers, using some of Liam’s parts — a recycling of sorts. The industrial robot is able to disassemble nine different versions of the iPhone, sorting all of their reusable components in the process. In all, Daisy is capable of taking apart a full 200 iPhones in a given hour, proving a solid alternative to traditional methods that can destroy valuable components in the process. Any connection to HAL 3000, however, is surely coincidental. 

In addition to the unveiling of Daisy, Apple also announced a new program called GiveBack, which is an addition to its recycling program.  From now, until April 30, Apple is planning on making a donation to Conservation International for every device that a customer turns or trades in.

If a device is eligible, it will still qualify for either a gift card or an in store credit.

To top it off, there will also be a new Apple Watch challenge coming in time for Earth Day, encouraging people to get outside on Sunday and enjoy the planet.

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