Simple Tips to Make Your Online Marketing More Effective


There is no question about the digital world in which we now live, which makes learning effective online marketing strategies that much more important. Today, Ilan Nass of returns to talk about how you can save time with some of these simple tips for making your online marketing strategy more effective.

Simple Tips to Make Your Online Marketing More Effective

You’ll have no trouble finding in-depth guides that provide you with a systematic approach to better Facebook marketing or to create better emails for your newsletter. Many of these guides offer valuable insights that can take your online marketing to the next level. 

While these guides can be a good resource, there is something to be said for the simple tips and small adjustments that can make your marketing strategies more effective. Finding ways to get more from things you are already doing or minor adjustments that can provide better results. 

If you already have an online marketing strategy in place, the following tips can make your life easier while also helping you to achieve better results.

Get More from Your Email Signature

If your email signature is just a few lines of text with your basic details, you are missing an opportunity. Beyond the basic information, you should add the icons for the different social networks you use. Along with that, you could update your email signature from time to time with a line about a new product or a blog you just posted to your site. This gives email recipients more ways to connect and interact with your brand.

Create an Editorial Calendar

You should have an editorial calendar for all of the content you publish. This not only includes blogs that you post to your website, but it should also cover the social media posts on every channel. An editorial calendar is a better way to manage your time and will also help you to organize your content strategy. You won’t miss important posts, and it will also make it easier to maintain a steady content cadence without posting too much or too little.

Use Images

Instead of posting a full paragraph to convey a message, try using images that can tell the same story. Visual content has been shown to increase engagement on social media, and you have a lot of options. You can use pictures, custom graphics, infographics, and more. There are even tools that can help you to create and edit the images you use on social media.

Post on Multiple Social Media Sites

Most businesses are already posting content on Facebook, but you should use any social media channel that can help you reach customers and build your brand. Using multiple channels not only expands your reach to different audiences, but you can also use your efforts on one platform to support the work you do on another. You can even use services like If This Then That to simplify your efforts on multiple platforms.

Optimize Emails for Phones

Phones are now the primary device most people use to open emails. If you are working on email marketing, you need to account for this fact. Using responsive email templates is one way to make your emails more phone-friendly, but you should also consider the preview text. Along with shortening your subject line, you should also try to optimize the preview text mobile users will see. You only have 20 characters to capture a reader’s attention, so do your best to craft compelling text that will encourage them to open the email.

Follow the Trends

Timely content can be good for getting your website a quick traffic boost. With Google Trends, you can see the popular search topics at any time. If you can find a way to connect one of these trending topics to your business, you can write a blog post that will drive traffic to your site. It’s not something you want to base your entire content strategy around, but it can be a useful resource when you are looking to post something timely and relevant.

There are plenty of strategies you can implement to make your marketing more effective. This doesn’t have to be overly time consuming, either. Many of these can be done in addition to the tools you are already leveraging, and by taking these tips into consideration, you will be on your way to building a better online marketing presence.