Summer Business Idea: Start Selling With Amazon FBA

If you’re looking to maybe make a little spare change this summer, but aren’t exactly sure where to start, selling items on Amazon can be a great way to get rolling, and perhaps expand it into something more.  However, the nuances of getting started can be a little overwhelming at first if you’re totally new to it.  Enter The Selling Family’s Amazon Boot Camp course.

From their About Us section:

If you had told me back in 2008 that losing my job would be the best thing to ever happen to me, I would have said you were crazy…Through a bunch of tears and anger! You see, I had big plans for “climbing the corporate ladder” and making good money as someone who was in charge. But, the economy had a different plan, and working in the housing industry left me in a position that could be done without.

I got let go from my job, and decided that would be the last time someone else was in charge of my financial future. Now, at this point in life, I have been an entrepreneur for more years of my life than I was an employee. AMEN

Losing my job, really gave Cliff and I a chance to decide what was really important in life, and how we were going to move forward. So, we decided that I would work from home, we would start a family, and we would let go of the house we had bought during the housing BOOM (that had declined in price more than 50%).

Perhaps you’ve already been selling items via eBay but have wanted to scale up.  Amazon can be a great way to sell items via arbitrage (such as finding items heavily discounted at your favorite retailer) and then selling it via Amazon’s Marketplace at a markup.

While I have done a podcast episode about all the products that The Selling Family has to offer on Amazon in the past, their Boot Camp product is really a great comprehensive course to take that will walk you through step by step to get up and running.

Some of the steps covered include:

  • The True Costs Of Doing Business On Amazon

  • Setting Up Your Amazon FBA Business

  • How Product Rankings And The Buy Box Effects You

  • Setting Up Inventory Goals And Guidelines

  • How To Source Products Locally Using "Retail Arbitrage"

  • Listing & Selling Your Products On Amazon

  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions 

You’ll also get instant plus lifetime access to the Boot Camp course, custom printables and checklists to keep you on track, full access to their bonus section for members, high quality videos that work anytime and anywhere, and exclusive membership to their Facebook Seller Community.

However, like anything in life, things change, and they are planning on closing down the current course this Sunday at midnight PST, and will be upgrading to a Version 4.0 with all new content.  The great thing is though, if you purchase their course today, you’ll get the update and access to the new library of content at no additional cost. 

 Full disclosure, I am an affiliate of The Selling Family, but have purchased the product myself and found it extremely beneficial and helpful to get started with selling online on Amazon, not to mention some of the additional bonuses that you receive too.  Those alone can really help expedite things for you. 

 So if you’re looking for another way to maybe get some additional income this summer, and want some guidance along the way, definitely give The Selling Family’s Amazon Boot Camp a look!