Picking Up The Wrong Golf Ball

If you follow along on the Script Notes Instagram, you’ll see that I occasionally like to share quotes from BrainyQuote (which is a fantastic site, if you’ve never been).  Usually they’ll have a quote of the day, you can select a random quote, or just search for quotes related to a specific category.  Today I hit the random quote feature and the above appeared.  

As an artist, I have always like Jack Lemmon and his humor anyway throughout the years, but the pure, and simple nature of this quote struck a chord with me.  I have always liked quotes anyway, because they can mean something different to everyone, but I feel at the heart of the above, is doing something that takes you out of your comfort zone.  Otherwise, you might never know what could happen, and the potential positive outcome.  It’s all about taking that leap of faith, or about maybe inserting yourself into doing something you wouldn’t otherwise do. 

For me personally, one of my best times of “picking up the wrong golf ball,” was when it came to meeting my now spouse via the website eHarmony.  It was certainly a leap of faith at the time, and wouldn’t trade the outcome for the world!  But, it was something out of my comfort zone, and certainly worked.

Let’s take a different track with this, in regard to personal finance.  Personal finance is just that, personal.  Everyone’s situation is going to be different. 

However, given the above quote from Mr. Lemmon, I’d invite you to “pick up the wrong golf ball,” when it comes to your finances.  Try something new.  Are you budgeting too much money toward one category?  Try putting that surplus toward paying off debt or something else.  Read something you haven’t read before.  Learn a new strategy.  Is there a store brand item that costs less than that comfortable name brand item? 

Are there any times you’ve “picked up the wrong golf ball?”  I’d invite you to leave your story below in the comments!