Financial Freedom and Credit Cards

With Independence Day next here in the United States, finance site WalletHub, decided to take a survey at the end of May, about how consumers feel when it comes to credit cards, and their impact on their financial freedom.  The results were definitely interesting to say the least.

John S Kiernan, writing for WalletHub:

The credit card is an American invention. But while we use credit to pay for plenty of Independence Day purchases, plastic isn’t so patriotic in the minds of many. Some believe credit card debt doesn’t fit with core U.S. ideals, such as freedom and independence. Others say Uncle Sam tracks our credit card spending, restricting civil liberties.

It’s not all gloom, doom and conspiracy theories, though. These days, we tend to trust credit card companies more than cornerstone institutions such as the federal government and media. And most people think access to credit should be a fundamental right.

These red, white and blue credit card conclusions reflect the results of WalletHub’s nationally representative Fourth of July Credit Card Survey. You can check out the complete findings in the infographic below.

Source: WalletHub

What’s your take on the survey results readers? Feel free to comment below!