How To Save Time on Your $1.80 Strategy To Get More Instagram Followers

If you’ve been following along with entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, you’ve probably heard about his $1.80 strategy when it comes to expanding your social reach. It’s a great way to expand your brand name, while at the same time, using the social media platform to well, actually be “social.” I recently discovered on another post a web app that can help expedite and make the process easier for you.

Gary explains more below about the strategy:

So enter It’s a hashtag discovery, ranking and commentary support platform to help you engage with your 90 posts each day in a simple and easy to use dashboard.

How It Works

  1. Register for free using your name and preferred email address. Then you can connect your IG account to gain access to all features.

  2. Identify your favorite hashtags related to your niche or preferred topic. You pick nine that are best suited to your account, and you can change them daily. You can also select locations too as another option.

  3. The platform will then suggest appropriate posts for you to comment on (generally fairly popular posts within that hashtag). With their free plan you can make up to 10 comments a day.

  4. The general thought is that by putting in the work, even with just 10 meaningful (not spammy) comments a day, it should increase your following and growth.

  5. Should the strategy seem to start to work for you, does offer a subscription plan by allowing you to make 90+ comments each day for $15 a month.

  6. Always remember though that results will vary from account to account

Of course, you can certainly always do this on your own, taking the time to search out each hashtag, go to each comment etc. With this platform though, it might be able to help you save some time in the process!

Good luck, and have fun!