While our podcast, The Script-Notes Show, has been running strong for awhile, it’s never really had its own central “hub.” That changes today, a new one stop shop. Read on!

The sheer amount of podcast platforms available can get overwhelming at times, with each certainly offering their own perks.  However, I recently discovered more about RadioPublic.  The big difference though is that this one pays!

Introducing - powered by RadioPublic!


RadioPublic pays podcast producers on a CPM basis, for listens on their native app (which is available for both iOS and Android), that gets financed by pre- and post-roll ads that they insert.  Certainly not a bad deal to support the show, with somebody else’s financial support!

So if you’re a podcast listener, head here for your new destination!  While you can certainly still download directly from their site (full list of our available platforms is here), it’s listens in their app that count toward payment. 

Nothing changes on this end otherwise!  It’s still me, and you out there, the listening audience!  As always, I’d still love to have your voice on the air.  Grab your smart phone or other electronic recording device and submit your stories, tips, commentary and more to share with the Script-Notes audience.  There really couldn’t be an easier way to take your shot at podcasting without the trouble!

That said, there’s still no substitute for your support via Anchor (can contribute with Apple Pay!), or even one-time contributions with Square Cash (don’t forget with them, you can donate sort of cost free, by getting their app and use this share code to get $5 in your account (plus $5 in mine) when you send your first $5 (to anyone)! With their cash card, you can also get cash boosts, like 10% off at Taco Bell!

In the meantime, checkout the below player for the most recent episode!