How To Be More Financially Organized

Social media.  Bank accounts.  Subscriptions.  Credit cards.  You name it, you probably have a log in for it.  Here’s food for thought though.  While none of us ever want to ponder what might happen after we leave this mortal coil, there will be those left behind that may have the inevitable task of needing to handle your finances, log ins and more.  The question is, do you have all this documented?  More than likely not.  Read on for a great free tool that can help you get started today.

Just imagine all the PINs and passwords that you have, and more than likely no one knows what they even are. Granted, there are many apps now that house passwords and the like, but you may not want to leave access up to being solely on your electronic devices.

For more of a “hard copy,” of this Jonathan Pond and his team have come up with My Lifetime Financial Organizer.

It will help will help you summarize the information your family or others will need whenever it’s needed. The organizer will also help you set your records straight, all in one location. It’s confidential, easy to download and use, and best of all it’s free. 

Again, it’s certainly something none of us ever want to think about, and I do not receive any compensation for promoting this. Merely, I believe in the importance of solid record keeping, but also how important it is to make sure things are organized as possible for your loved ones, or who may eventually look after your affairs.

Better late, than never!