Starbucks Looking To Make Changes To Rewards Program

Starbucks’ rewards program has been fairly popular with consumers over the years.  A new rumor suggests the coffee giant may be looking to make changes to how they’ll reward loyal customers yet again in the not too distant future.

According To Doctor Of Credit:

There is a rumor that Starbucks plans to make changes to its loyalty program. Changes are being made to redeeming stars currently you can redeem 125 stars for a free item. Under the rumored changes it will be as follows (via Ventiicedwater):

  • 25 stars – will get you modifications for your drinks like an extra shot, up to 1$

  • 50 stars – will get you any size cup of coffee, tea or bakery item

  • 150 stars – will get you any handcrafted beverage or breakfast sandwich (previously 125 stars)

  • 200 stars – will get you lunch sandwiches, salads, or protein boxes

  • 400 stars – will get you packaged coffee or merchandise for a single item up to $20

Apparently this was posted on the Starbucks quarterly updates, so if anybody else works at Starbucks and can confirm that would be great. Overall this seems to be a devaluation unfortunately, although some people will like the 50 star option. The fact they are making changes is actually confirmed (more information here), just the specifics of the changes aren’t confirmed.

The site went on to provide these further updates:

Update 3/3/19: Multiple Starbucks employees have now confirmed these changes are coming as listed below. We don’t know when it will start, although the official Starbucks customer support help says sometime in spring.

Update 3/4/19: Some readers asked if the 50 stars will apply to cold coffee/tea as well, sadly it will only apply to hot coffee/tea.

What’s your take readers about the alleged changes?  If they come to see the light of day, will it change how you frequent them?  If at all?  Leave a comment below!