10 Decent Shopping Portal Bonuses from Acorns

We’ve previously talked about the micro investing site, Acorns, on here, and how it can be a great way to get started in investing, by rounding up the spare change from your purchases, for investing.  The company has been making strides into other ways you can earn money, through their Acorns Spend card, as well as brands willing to invest in you (similar to shopping portal payouts).  This month, there are 10 brands with payouts that might be worth checking into.

Through Acorns’ Found Money portal – you can earn payouts of different percentages or straight dollar amounts by either making purchases or utilizing a brand or company’s services.  Here is a sampling of what’s available in February:

1-800 Flowers – $10 invested

Choice Hotels – 6% invested

Macy’s – 5% invested

Vanity Planet – 2.5% invested

MeUndies – 20% invested

Sam’s Club - $10 invested

My M&Ms – 5% invested

Stitch Fix - $10 invested

Groupon – 2% invested

Fruitbouquets.com - $10 invested

 This could be a great way to not only save a bit on Valentine’s Day purchases, but to invest in your future while you’re at it!  If you have yet to sign up for Acorns, check out our link and get $5 to get started!  The site will get $5 in credit as well.  Thank you in advance for your consideration and support of the site!