Today Only: Get An eHarmony Promo Code for 15% Off Any Membership

There’s no denying the success that dating site eHarmony has had, and they have a special promo code for today only to get you started on your way and save a bit of money.

Using promo code “VALENTINESDAY”, you can get 15% off any membership today only at eHarmony.

Now, full disclosure, I am an affiliate of eHarmony, but it’s because I believe in their service. Why, you might ask? If it wasn’t for them, I might not have found my wife of now almost five years!

I had the other dating sites available out there, but many were to no avail, and it seemed like they really didn’t put much of a focus on finding a good match, at least at the time.  I really appreciated eHarmony’s focus on allowing a match to progressively move along, before opening the doors to further communication.  Granted, you might not get paired up with your soul mate right off the bat, but with a little time and patience, I can say with proof my initial investment in the service definitely paid off. :-)