The Importance of Acts of Kindness


Given the history surrounding the events of today, as well as a potentially catastrophic hurricane headed for the East Coast, I wanted to use this space to spread some positive vibes for anyone who may read this.  Granted it’s hard telling if it may be one person who might read it, several hundred, a thousand, who knows.  However, one of the goals I have always had for Script-Notes has been to make an impact for positive change in whatever size or form, and I am hoping this can take off.

One of the great aspects of social media, is having the capability to also spread good messages, and I wanted to do that today, as I think we could all use it. 

I would love your participation in this.  What favorite acts of kindness would you like to share?  Is it something that you received?  Delivered yourself?  Observed?  Read about? 

If you follow along on Instagram, Twitter, or our Facebook page, you might recognize the image above that I shared earlier this morning.  You can also hear more about it in today’s podcast episode (click your favorite player here). 

Ultimately what I would love to do, is hear your stories when it comes to kindness, be it in the comments below, on the platforms listed above, email us, etc.  And if you’re open to it, I would love to compile everyone’s stories into a future podcast and post. 

As I mentioned earlier, I’m not sure if this might reach one person, or several million.  So be sure to like, retweet, share, post if you feel compelled to do so.  As the quote above says, no act of kindness, regardless of how small, is wasted.  You never know who might appreciate your story and the positive impact it can have on them.

Thank you in advance.