New Podcast Episode: Be Here Now


Where did November go?  It was a busy time indeed, between elections, preparing for Thanksgiving and more.  So it seemed like a great time to release a new episode to catch up a bit!

The holidays can be a time of hustle and bustle, with businesses encouraging you to spend your hard earned dollars everywhere that can be thought of.  Your inbox probably gets bombarded on a daily basis with save 10%, 20%, get zero-percent financing for 6 months (before your interest rates go up to 25%!), etc. 

That being said, it becomes all the more reason to be present in the moment with your loved ones, and not lose sight of what’s important to you.  Granted everyone’s priorities will probably be different, but it can’t be overstated the importance of checking in with yourself, and not forgetting to breathe.  I share one of my favorite memories already from this holiday season, and it had nothing to do with shopping. 

Later on, I highlight a blog post from the YNAB blog that talks about not falling prey to holiday offers for financing, especially if there’s a high chance it will come back to bite you later. If you haven’t had a chance to check out YNAB yet, they offer a great 34 day trial!

Finally, Anchor has also added the capability for podcasters on their platform to be matched up with sponsors, and I was fortunate enough to land one in the website, The Infatuation.  It’s a great platform that I think really meshes with Script-Notes’ mission of saving you time, and in this instance, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about spending time to find somewhere to eat! 

Granted I know sometimes sponsored ad reads can be a bit of a drag in a podcast, but it really does help with the show, and spreading the message.  However, there is a listener support feature, so if you would be interested in that as well, we would certainly be gracious of your generosity, and would be more than happy to highlight you in a future episode!  We enjoy highlighting small businesses, so if you’re an Etsy owner as an example, this can be a great way to get the word out about your shop!  We’re at over 2600 downloads, with an average of 101 plays per episode, so you would have a pretty good reach!

So be sure to give the episode a listen.  As always, the show page has a centralized location for all platforms it’s on. I would also love it if you could give the show a five star rating, as it will help us get the word out even more. 

Thank you for your continued support and have a great week!