Tips To Improve Your Holiday Photography

We are now well into the throngs of the holiday season, and that means picture time!  Whether you’re trying to get that perfect shot of the family gathered ‘round the table, gift opening, shots of winter and more, we all have an inner photographer in us. 

Kelli Gardener, with, recently reached out to 100+ professional photographers, and asked them for their advice on taking better photos during different times of the day, and if they could share some of their top tips.  Needless to say, their answers widely varied, but have been composed into a great guide to help you save time on figuring out the perfect shot!

The group of photographers also shared some of their top tips on how beginner or amateur photographers could possibly take their skills to the next level, and take professional looking pictures.

Some of the tips may be old hat to many of you, but hopefully you’ll pick up a little something new along the way. Just a word of warning, the guide is over 5,000 words, so you may want to pick and choose what best suits you. Either way, it’s chock full of great tips, so make sure you check it out!