A New Way to Help Pay Down Your Credit Cards

Now that the holidays have passed, your credit card bills with your holiday spending may have started to trickle in.  Most by now have heard of various debt paydown methods like the snowball and avalanche, both of which have their advantages in their own right. 

But could there be a better way, that helps to even make sure you don’t run into late payments any more either?

An Inspirational Money Story To Help With Your Goals This Year

In our New Year’s podcast, we talked about how this time of year is a great time to start to figure out your New Year’s goals and resolutions. In the financial sense, it can be a huge move, because time is on your side, especially if you have large purchases coming up, that you know you can set aside a certain amount for, like semi-annual car insurance payments, etc.

5 Best Selling Low Carb Cookbooks Gift Guide

There’s no denying how popular the low carb diet has become lately. If there’s one thing that we know how to do this time of year, it’s eat. A lot. It doesn’t have to be that way though. You can still find plenty of delicious recipes to make without blowing your caloric budget out of the water. If you’re resolving to eat better in the new year, or know of loved ones or friends who may wish to do the same, here are five of the best selling low carb cookbooks.

Tips To Improve Your Holiday Photography

We are now well into the throngs of the holiday season, and that means picture time!  Whether you’re trying to get that perfect shot of the family gathered ‘round the table, gift opening, shots of winter and more, we all have an inner photographer in us. 

Kelli Gardener, with GroomAndStyle.com, recently reached out to 100+ professional photographers, and asked them for their advice on taking better photos during different times of the day, and if they could share some of their top tips.  Needless to say, their answers widely varied, but have been composed into a great guide to help you save time on figuring out the perfect shot!

Saturday Savings: Tips for College

When it comes to saving for college, it can really do a number on the finances for families.  However, when it comes down to it, it can still be a great investment.  Jobs of the future are almost a certainty to require a college degree at a minimum.  If parents or grandparents have the means to be able to afford to save in advance for college, these tips should help.

New Apple Watch Series 4 ECG App Already Making Impact

Yesterday, Apple released Watch OS 5.1.2, and with that, came the much anticipated ECG app. Granted many received normal sinus rhythms. However, one Reddit user was surprised to receive an A-fib result.