How To Save on Groceries With Reverse Meal Planning

In the ongoing effort to save you both time and money, I wanted to post this great article from the site, Six on a Budget.  We are all always looking to hack our way to grocery savings, bringing down our monthly tab.  How many of you have tried reverse meal planning as a means to save money?  Read on for more!

Common Sense Monday Money Management

For personal finance, and how to improve, sometimes it just comes down to plain old common sense.  Here are some tips from Jonathan Pond that I thought were worth sharing to start your week off.

Simple Tips to Make Your Online Marketing More Effective

There is no question about the digital world in which we now live, which makes learning effective online marketing strategies that much more important. Today, Ilan Nass of returns to talk about how you can save time with some of these simple tips for making your online marketing strategy more effective.

Tips For Saving on School Supplies

It’s hard to believe it’s mid-August already, and with that, back to school shopping is in full swing.  With the trending #clearthelists movement, as well as for parents wanting to save more money on quality supplies for their children, I wanted to share this post from ChooseFi that I thought were some excellent tips!

How To Pay Off Debt With The Tally App

It’s pretty common knowledge that just paying the minimum payments on your debt isn’t enough to get it done.  Other methodology has also suggested putting 15% of your income toward debt – not always a realistic option for many as things like rent and other living expenses continue to go up and up.  So what does that leave?  Enter Tally.

Fed Rate Announcement - Lowered By Quarter Point

As was widely expected, Federal Reserve officials cut interest rates by a quarter point today. The thought would be that it would give the US economy, working on a 10-year-old expansion, a shot in the arm. However, Chairman Powell said that it was only an “adjustment” and to not expect a long term trend - stocks responded accordingly this afternoon. However, in the interim, you might be wondering what all this means for you, the consumer? Read on!

Financial Stress and Sleep Health

It has always been said that personal finance is just that, personal.  Sometimes though, the stress of personal finance can impact our personal health, especially when it comes to sleep or a lack thereof.  The web site, Mattress Advisor, recently did a deep dive into the correlation between being stressed about our money, and how that can impact your sleep habits.

Capital One Data Breach Affects 100 Million Credit Card Applications

Fresh off of the heels of the announcement of Equifax’s data breach settlement, on Monday it was announced that 100 million applicants of Capital One’s credit card products were affected by a breach as well.

Finding Financial Contentment

One area of personal finance that trips many people up, is not being content with what you have.  Not enough people try to “live their life, versus the lives of others,” as Rachel Cruze points out in her similarly titled book.  Instead of obsessing over money, sometimes it can be a huge stress reducer to simply be happy with what you have already.  Who knows?  You might already be richer than you think.

If You Have To Spend, Spend It On Experiences

“We buy things to make us happy, and we succeed. But only for a while. New things are exciting to us at first, but then we adapt to them.”