Ask The Readers: Are You Considering a Career Change?


At some point or another in our lives, we’ve all probably asked ourselves, “am I really doing what I want to do, or feel compelled or call to do?”  Turns out, you’re not alone.  In today’s workforce, gone is the day of the lifer with one career.

To Career Change or Not To Career Change, that is the question

Today’s post from Jonathan Pond’s, Ponderings, got me thinking about this topic, mainly because I can relate quite well to it.

I initially graduated with a Bachelor of the Arts in Theatre.  While thankful for what the degree offered me and continues to, to this day, I realized that during my job at the time, if I was to continue to move further within the company I was working for, I would need to obtain a further education in business.  Thus, I selected Accounting, which has a knack for being known as “the language of business.”  I would go on to pursue a subsequent Bachelor of Science in Accounting.  That being said, in subsequent job interviews, I have received the question, something along the lines of, “so, going from theatre to accounting, what led you to that?”

Have you been there?  Did you make a switch from what you originally pursued to something entirely different?

Going back, usually I will reply with “well, theatre taught me how to be comfortable in front of others, and how to communicate on a better basis, both verbally and non-verbally.  It taught me how to collaborate, and be a better team member.  In theatre, everyone is a spoke on the wheel of the production, from the lead actors, to the director, to the stage manager, to the rest of the crew.  Without them, the wheel can’t turn.  The same is true in business.  We all serve different roles within an organization, regardless of our title.  And to that, I owe my degree in theatre everything.”

It’s not too say I don’t miss being out on stage, and still hope to get back into when life allows.  However, it’s allowed me to also continue to further my creative endeavors, such as this site, or its related podcast, or the launch of a new podcast with my wife as we aim to help others in their relationships, or talk about life in general.

Which gets me back to the original premise of Script-Notes.  We all have a role to play in life, and while we might feel like we always have to follow the same script, sometimes we can make adjustments or notes as it were, and change along the way.  So always be open to re-imagining or reinterpreting your script!

Ask Yourself: WHY Do You Want to Change Your Career?

Mr. Pond presents the below:

If you’re thinking of a change, what’s the reason? Is it to earn more money or to have a more satisfying work life? The best of all worlds would be to have both a more stimulating job that pays more money. That may be a tough combination to achieve. It’s certainly within the reach of a business owner, but starting a business is a risky undertaking.

Before changing careers, weigh the pros and cons of your current occupation. Take inventory of what you like or dislike about your job. Are you unhappy with the type of work you do? Or, are you dissatisfied with the culture of the company? If you don’t like the way your company does business, you can search for a better employer. But if you’re unhappy with your occupation, you may need to make a bigger change. Perhaps you’re a worm taster (yes, there is such an occupation) but you’d like to change your career and yet still exploit your sensory skills by becoming a wine taster.

If you’ve decided that changing careers is in the cards, evaluate your interests and skills. Ask yourself:

  • What have I done in the past that I really liked doing?
  • What would I really love to do for a living?
  • Can I use my current skills in my new career?
  • Do I need more education or training in another field?

So in closing, readers, I ask you, if you're thinking of career change, what's leading you to do so?  And if you have made the shift, what advice or tips might you have for others looking to do the same?

Life is too short to stay stuck in something making us unhappy.  Follow your passions, your anchor, and get unstuck today!