Money Monday: Should You Pay Off Debt or Increase Your Savings?

While most would argue that it would make a lot more sense to pay off your debt first, particularly if it’s a high interest credit card debt, could a case be made to also increase your savings as well?

Starbucks Looking To Make Changes To Rewards Program

Starbucks’ rewards program has been fairly popular with consumers over the years.  A new rumor suggests the coffee giant may be looking to make changes to how they’ll reward loyal customers yet again in the not too distant future.

How To Save Time on Your $1.80 Strategy To Get More Instagram Followers

If you’ve been following along with entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, you’ve probably heard about his $1.80 strategy when it comes to expanding your social reach. It’s a great way to expand your brand name, while at the same time, using the social media platform to well, actually be “social.” I recently discovered on another post a web app that can help expedite and make the process easier for you.

Deal Alert: Get 10% or 10x Back at Marriott Thanks to Ebates

You’ve probably seen the commercials regarding Ebates, as a great place to earn cash back for your online shopping purchases.  Lately they also stepped their game up with allowing you to earn American Express Membership Reward Points instead as well (note, you’ll need to sign up with a different account).  With spring break travel season in full swing, they’re currently offering a deal for 10% or 10x back on Marriott bookings today only.

How To Make Your Weekend More Awesome, and Refreshing

Since it’s Monday, what better time to recognize how you can make your next weekend even more awesome, as well as refreshing?

Millenials Staring at $1 Trillion in Debt

Not surpisingly, student loans make up a majority of the debt for 19-29 year olds. Reflective of this is that while mortgage debt is only up 3.2%, student loans are up a staggering 102%.

WSJ: Apple and Goldman Sachs To Release Credit Card Later This Year

Per The Wall Street Journal, we should see a release of a new credit card for Apple, with Goldman Sachs as the banking partner.