Millenials Staring at $1 Trillion in Debt

Not surpisingly, student loans make up a majority of the debt for 19-29 year olds. Reflective of this is that while mortgage debt is only up 3.2%, student loans are up a staggering 102%.

WSJ: Apple and Goldman Sachs To Release Credit Card Later This Year

Per The Wall Street Journal, we should see a release of a new credit card for Apple, with Goldman Sachs as the banking partner.

3 in 10 Americans Have More Credit Card Debt Than Emergency Savings

To save, or to pay off debt? That is the question. While the answer should be fairly obvious, a recent survey shows that Americans are struggling with this decision quite frequently, and the results are of an ominous sort.

A Quicker Way To Manage iOS App Subscriptions

We all know how easy it can be to sign up for in app subscriptions, especially ones with days old free trials that all of a sudden you remember you signed up for when the charge hits your account.  It’s always been a bit of a task though to cancel those subscriptions.  No longer.

10 Decent Shopping Portal Bonuses from Acorns

We’ve previously talked about the micro investing site, Acorns, on here, and how it can be a great way to get started in investing, by rounding up the spare change from your purchases, for investing.  The company has been making strides into other ways you can earn money, through their Acorns Spend card, as well as brands willing to invest in you (similar to shopping portal payouts).  This month, there are 10 brands with payouts that might be worth checking into.

5 Tips for Making Sure Your Car is Winter Ready

While the polar vortex may be on its way back up north (for now), winter is still roaring on in many parts of the country.  Hopefully many have already taken the steps to make sure their car is winter ready, but it can stand repeating how some of these tips can help you make it to spring.  Hey, at least spring training is right around the corner!

A New Way to Help Pay Down Your Credit Cards

Now that the holidays have passed, your credit card bills with your holiday spending may have started to trickle in.  Most by now have heard of various debt paydown methods like the snowball and avalanche, both of which have their advantages in their own right. 

But could there be a better way, that helps to even make sure you don’t run into late payments any more either?