How To Make Your Weekend More Awesome, and Refreshing

Since it’s Monday, what better time to recognize how you can make your next weekend even more awesome, as well as refreshing?

5 Tips for Making Sure Your Car is Winter Ready

While the polar vortex may be on its way back up north (for now), winter is still roaring on in many parts of the country.  Hopefully many have already taken the steps to make sure their car is winter ready, but it can stand repeating how some of these tips can help you make it to spring.  Hey, at least spring training is right around the corner!

The Envelope Budgeting System Can Be Great...Until It Gets Shredded

Many may be familiar with the envelope budgeting system, where you figure out your discretionary income, decide on your budget categories, and then put actual cash into each envelope for those categories.  Then, once the cash is gone, that’s it for that category, unless you move it to another envelope.  It’s a great way to stay accountable.  However, you may wish to make sure your envelopes are in a safe place, out of the reach of little ones.  One couple found this out the hard way.

The Importance of Acts of Kindness

Given the history surrounding the events of today, as well as a potentially catastrophic hurricane headed for the East Coast, I wanted to use this space to spread some positive vibes for anyone who may read this.  Granted it’s hard telling if it may be one person who might read it, several hundred, a thousand, who knows.  However, one of the goals I have always had for Script-Notes has been to make an impact for positive change in whatever size or form, and I am hoping this can take off.

Dig Into Your Heritage With Ancestry DNA for $59!

You’ve probably seen the ads by now about researching your family history. If you’ve been waiting to try their DNA product though, now is a great time, as it’s available for $59 until August 20th!